My Life

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This poem is about my life as a 12 year old. Some people might find their life similar to this

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



My life

When I was one 

I had so much fun

Not knowing what lay ahead 

Or how many tears I would shed


When I was four

In front of me was the door

Of the dreaded place

Known as the school


When I was nine

Everything seemed fine

I was in fifth grade

When on my neck came the exam blade


An year later I was ten

This was when the tension began

First position was on my parent's tongue

For me it was like the devil had sung


When I was eleven life was harder

What with studies it was like murder

I wanted to run away, far away

Yet I don't know what made me stay


While I write this I am twelve

With awards from each class on my shelf

As I write these words I think 

When will I have the freedom to even blink

© Copyright 2019 Ruhab-Ayeshah. All rights reserved.

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