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Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



#Series Stories By J. Praise.

TITLE: The Path Of Promise.

(Episode 3)


As Winifred stood waiting for Desmond. She had asked to see him for a while. Her palm felt chill, yet she was sweating. She could not understand why she gets so nervous waiting for him. Something in her was alive, more alive than she ever thought! She was filled with doubts, fear and questions. A thousand and one of it!

She hoped their conversation would solve all the puzzles playing in her head.

Then Desmond walked in sight.

"Uhmm.. Sorry, I wanted to see you for a while" She said. A fire was burning in her. This time she no longer felt sweaty, she felt heat inside and cold on the outside. Complexity of feelings began to unstable her.

"I don't have all the time. So, go straight to the point" He said. Sounding a little cold and harsh on the edges.

His voice cut through her heart. She was scared and unsure. Why was he being so harsh? Does she upset him? She kept asking herself. As she opened her mouth to talk, her voice began to flutter.

"Do my presence upset you now?" She asked as tears began to trail her face.

He was mute.

Her voice was chill. It had great effect on him. His breath steadied as he let out a noisy sigh.

"I don't want people to notice us together, you're getting married the day after tomorrow" He said reluctantly.

It was clear he was not upset because of her. He was no doubt upset about the marriage with Daniel. Something in his heart does not tally with the idea of her union with Daniel. No matter how hard he tried to hide it, it was loud and clear in his voice. Winifred could tell he was hurt on the inside. And that was enough prove that she was actually talking to John. Her first love. But she needed to hear it from his mouth.

"You're John, aren't you" she asked.

Her eyes kept searching his eyes. Her heart kept hitting her chest as she observed his silence. His lips was trembling and so was hers. It was like he was about spilling a deadly secret. Blood drained from his face, he looked cold and pale.

Winifred walked closer to him. She looked in his eyes. She was going to force the words out of him, if she needed to.

"Why does it take you decades to answer my question?" She asked still looking him in the eyes.

She knows John to be very secretive and Lock-minded. Those were one of the things she admired about him. But she was going to break him now. No matter what it takes!

"Tell me if you're John. Please." She said coldly.

Her voice sounded like the evening roar of an ocean. It was gentle, calm, steady and soft upon his heart. It's Echoes carried sweetness and pain. She lifted her hand to his fist which was clenched hard. Like he was fighting back his words. She let her finger tips tangle over it, and slowly he released his grip, And took her hand in his. He looked down into her eyes.

"Even if I'm John, there's no need now" He finally said.

Finally! He let it out. The confirmation brought tears to Winifred's face. She was finally sure she was standing before John. The same John she had searched for years. Her high school sweetheart.

Perhaps, Destiny is a thing of time and patience.

They both starred into each other's eyes. Unsure of what to say or what to do. Her lips moved but couldn't find her voice. Finally meeting John left her dumbfounded. The feeling was In-explainable.

They both held hands and kept looking into each other's eyes. Winifred could feel her pulse rising. She felt excited and hurt at the same time. But most-of-all, she wanted to hug him tight, she wanted to kiss him, she wanted to look into his eyes and tell him how badly the hell life had been without him. She wanted to tell him everything her heart tells her. But she couldn't. She's getting married to his friend. Somehow it broke her heart.

"You promised I'd meet you when I return" She said.

She broke away from him. Tears running down her face. She looked bittered.

"I'm sorry, but..." He tried to explain.

"You left me, and everything we shared" She cuts in.

He was mute.

She kept tearing as her feelings gave way for turns. She was cursing and swearing at him now. She couldn't get hold of herself.

"No, I didn't. I never left you Winifred. Not for once" He said.

With tears rolling down his cheeks now. Something about the way she felt bruised his emotions. He was injured beyond redress.

"I decided to relocate to Canada because I wanted to be with you. I was tired of waiting without knowing or hearing from you"

"I went to Canada to look for you" He explained in pain.

He moved to meet her. He opened his arms and let her fall into them. He let her weep in the comfort of his presence, As he planted soft kisses over her face and her forehead. Letting them grow cozzy and reassuring.

Something about the way he held her made Winifred feel wholely protected. She savoured every essence of it, not wanting to ever leave his side. But, it wouldn't be right. She had given her words to Daniel, and her wedding is just 2 nights away. While she wanted John so badly, she can't just throw Daniel to the wind. It won't be proper.

"I'm getting married to your friend" She said.

"I know" John said, still holding her.

His confidence melts her heart.

"Do you still love me?" She asked him.

She raised her face to look into his eyes. She needed to know that too. And she wants to know the truth.

Daniel was mute again. He made no attempt to answer her. He just starred on. Somehow, it got Winifred infuriated. She felt the heat his silence caused inside of her.

"No need asking. It is clear you don't love me anymore" She said painfully.

Her heart was heavy as she started to leave. No need forcing words out of him. He has gotten over her a long time ago. She was only a fool to worry so much looking for him. She tried to move so fast from his sight.

"Wait Winifred!" He called out.

She stopped briefly with her back to him.

"If I ever stopped loving you, I should be married now" He said plainly.

Just like a canon, his words bashed her heart. Her emotions began to Jangle as she realised John had not stooped loving her for a bit. She turned to face him.

"Well, I don't love you anymore" She said fighting back oceans of tears.

She raced from his presence as quickly as she could.

As she disappeared into darkness, the barricade of strength was lifted from her eyes, and a whole lot of emotions came flooding her face. She wept and sobbed like a child.

She had thought meeting with John would reduce the pressure in her heart. She thought it would answer the questions in her head. But she was wrong. It only gave her more questions and left her unsure of everything.

She is now unsure of her feelings, her sudden affection for John, her judgements, and even her Marriage with Daniel.

Telling John she no longer loves him was the biggest lie she ever told herself. She still loves him badly and she knew it.

Her wedding is here already. She thought talking to John would end all the emotional tours.

But, it was just the beginning.

Oh God!

*Continues Episode 4 (Last Episode)*


Last Episode to be published Saturday 26 May 2018.


Any idea how the series would end?

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