Experience death

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Thought about the stages of death, many people personify him as a physical being so I decided to write about how people may feel as they take their last breaths. Slightly morbid description.

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



I will embrace you gently but with a tender hold,

I will smoother your skin with warmth, hiding the cold.

I will muffle the sounds to a gentle hum,

I will mask the pain, so you feel numb.

You will feel ignorant to tiredness and rage

as I free your soul from its shackles and cage.

Weightlessness will lift you through the sky,

oblivious to the ground and it's mournful cry.

The people you treasured, you have to leave behind and each passing second, you'll be on their mind.

Its a small price to pay to gain peace at last,

so one final vision, of your life in the past.

I will be the air after your last breath, 

I will show you beyond life, As I am death

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