how dead are you?

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Have we been led so far by a dead seed that we can nolonger hear or receive GOD's word?

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



How dead are you?! That MY Word does not water you no more or awake you or shake you or touch you or change you and even convict you???!! How dead are you....? To life, to truth, to purpose, to your existence, to ME...your GOD. MY Word's meant to bring to life EVERY dead thing on the earth, in your world, in your family, in your life, in your body or in your blood flow... So how dead are you if My Word is not active?

How dare you let MY Word not do that which I've sent it forth to do! It's not penetrating. It's returning unto Me null & void, it's not even resuscitating you a little. How dead are you???!

There is a dead cell, a dead seed [sin] that you're covering, trying to camouflage and override but instead you're feeding it and it's contaminating every bit of life in you, it's blocking ME, and affecting your ability to receive My Word, My Breath, My Truth, My living Waters. A corruptible seed [sin] you're entertaining within, that's shutting down all your senses to TRUTH, your discernment, your logic and it goes further...for it shuts down your beauty, your creativity, your character, your uniqueness, your gift & your talent, your potential, your power, your influence, who you were created to be and what you were purposed to bring forth on the earth. But you cannot see, for you're being corrupted. You've got to accept it, break from it & repent!!! Stop hiding it, putting it off till later, For you are dying away soul! GET RID OF IT!

GOD'S WORD is quickening, it is alive & active & it is sharper then any two double edged sword, it can pierce through bone & marrow...!!! Allow it to cut off some dark things in your life....

Stop living dead! Stop compromising with a dead seed[compromised sin]! Stop delaying your blessings and living below who I, GOD have created for you to be! Stop settling for less than the life I, GOD have for you, a life of overflow, a life of purpose and influence and abundance, a life of joy, peace, favor & success! Not just an average lifestyle but a bright future!

Awake & Arise!!!

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