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Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018




One day I had a vision,
As I was dancing along the land with a higher decision.
Across the bright sky flashed moments from my living.
In each moment, I observed two sets of hands in the heavens,
One belonging to me and one to him


 Question 1: Who inspires you?


I would have to say that the answer to this question depends upon what subject matter we are conferring on... When I think of the word “Inspired”, I typically think religion; If referring to that, I’d have to say, unequivocally, Jesus Christ, for all He has done for ALL of us! However, I suspect that wasn’t what you meant at all, therefore I will answer your question as it pertains to the majority of my published works, which I’m pretty sure is what you actually were intending to get an answer for with your question... I am most often moved by the pain that I “Hear & feel” in the works of my fellow authors & contemporaries here on! When I read sadness, great sorrow, or other strong emotions in other people’s works, it gets my mind in a state of compassion for the sufferer or the bearer of that pain or joy! At those moments, poetry flows from my mind as water from a crystal clear fountainhead, & my fingers take on a desire to reach out through the miles & separating space & distance to embrace, with my words, the shaking shoulders of the afflicted person with a peace, to impart healing and comfort in that person’s time of need! I realize that I am distanced from that soul, & that this other person may not benefit in any way from the desire in my heart to help them heal... Yet, my spirit yearns to offer them comfort, as I know, & truly have felt the pain of being a victim, & I also understand the anguish of suffering! I am nobody... Yet I am somebody who cares! I empathize with the downtrodden & the abused! If you analyze my works you’ll find, I believe, that most are my simple & humble attempts to replace the damaged self-image, the physical abuse, or the harmful programming that others have endured with soothing statements of reassurance to my readers of the incalculable worth of their own soul, or that of another who happens to be within their scope of influence or zone of affection! My most fervent desire is that I want it to be able to be said of me, by those who knew me; “He made a difference, to me, in a positive way!”


If I can accomplish this in & with my life, then my life held meaning, & therefore I lived it well! If not my entire existence is in vain, & I have wasted my purpose for having walked the face of this planet!



Before the final moment of my existance bolted after me,
He looked forward at the hands in the sky.
He noticed that at many times along the path of his life,
especially at the very fallen and depth diving times,
there was only one body, one set of hands.



Question 2: What is your favorite word and why ? 

And / or if you could create a new word , what would it be and what would it mean ?




 My answer may disappoint you, since I don’t think I really have a favorite word! I love to use words which normally see very little to no use in common vernacular! Probably I like those best because I feel that the world suffers from limited, incomplete, & erroneous conversations, brought about most often because of lack of caring, misinformation, limited education, horrible habitual swearing, & the worst, time restrictions resulting from the pressure to make a dollar in the hustle-bustle world that we have made society to accept! How can it be that there are almost limitless languages, a plethora of vocabulary in each of them, and most people’s daily usage consists of less than five hundred words on the average? I feel that is a tragic missed opportunity for expanded horizons on the part of all these lost pupils! How, & why, have the educators in their lives let them down so remarkably? (I touch on this point a bit poignantly in one of my works on this site, “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Will Appear...”! It clearly delineates, in my mind, how I feel about being able to learn from even “... One of the least of these, my brethren”! One need not have stupendous credentials to be an electrifying force for good in the world, if the recipient of that goodness has a hunger, & thirst after learning, &/or growth!


This curiosly troubled the both of us, so we asked ourselves about it.

"We have decided to lead us, just as those that have lead, 

We should dance with ourselves all the way. 

But, I noticed that during our tired and most troublesome times of our life,

there appeared only one set of hands. 

I don't understand.

How, when we needed one another the most, we could watch the other fall, while we still stand."



Question 3: When is your favorite time to write? I am not referring to the hour of the day, though, feel free to add that, I am speaking of, after what events, thoughts, moments, do you feel inspired to let your soul fly free and dance upon the page, for others to read? 

More specifically, what are some of your favorite pieces you have written, coming from uplifting times of levity, or from times of working through the process of just being?

Long question, short: When do you discover and re-discover the source, that is you ?



My best works, (In my opinion, of course), have been wrangled out of my soul at the times when I’ve felt the most painful, trying, heart-wrenching, or emotionally charged feelings of joy, happiness, fear, sadness, or anger! It is when our backs are against the wall, & our choices are few, that we come out as lions, roaring challenges and accepting no excuses, in our mutual understanding of the pain &/or pleasure of the instant! 

It is, I believe, in these times & moments, when our best & brightest work appears! “Pain is a Little Thing... Isn’t it?” came at a moment like that, an uncontrollable headache that threatened to relieve me of my sanity! “My Siren’s Song, for You!”, “The Glowing Receptacles of Time”, “Dominate... You!”, “Double Trouble in an Aussie Bubble”, & even “In Memory of Our Savior Pure”, all came from those kinds of mental states when my feelings were most tender, either as a result of my own tragedy pending, or that of another I love & feel close to! These are a few of what I feel may be most representative of my best works!



 We heard the whisper, " Our precious one, We love you and will never abandon. Never, ever, among the testing of your spirit. 

When we observed just that one hand, 

It was us that lifted ourselves."


Question 4: Where would you to travel to, ( any time, any place; past, present or future )

and what would do there?



When I have been inundated with trials, & tribulations, or in those times when I’ve been unaccepted in the world that holds me bound, I have, on occasion, been blessed with a good book that has taken me elsewhere and given me wings to fly to “...Far away places, I’ve been reading about, in the book, that I took from the shelf!” I’ve been to Europe, to exotic islands in the sea, to the center of the earth, to space, and pretty much anywhere I’ve wanted to go to, simply by turning the pages of a good book! That having been said, I think that if I truly could go anywhere, & do anything, I’d love to be a traveler on the streets of Atlantis, or an Apostle of Jesus Christ, when He atoned for the sins of all mankind in the Garden of Gethsemane! I know that those two events/places are extremely widely separated & there appears to be no connection between the two, but they are events that intrigue my mind! I’m just a tad strange that way, & very seldom understood as a result!


What a beautiful chance this life is, was, and always shall be.

For us, for them; for those that we should hold onto : lifted.



Question 5 : Why did you first start posting your written works, and do you feel the same way about posting pieces now, as you did then?



I have a strong driving force within me; Often it lies dormant on a shelf...

But there are times & seasons, see? When it’s voice I cannot quelf!

This drive to leave a “Footprint”, or mark upon the world...

Has driven me to challenge self, has into limelight hurled:

I know I’m not the greatest... Of poets entertaining!!

Yet, within the silent debateist, requires more explaining...

When witnessing rejection; Hurt, pain, & suffering too =

That voice within me shouts out loud “Our Father DOES love YOU!”

Then poetry just flows beyond, my mental walls to fill...

The emptiness upon the page, of Booksie’s comment reel. 

The other “Master” poets here, must think me quite a bore...

But then, for themI do not write, no, THAT would be a chore!

I write to quell a Princess mind... To send her message true.

To arm a Princess with a bow; Within her mind, renew...

The King of ALL, her Father is: He loves His Princess girl ~

I write to share, to lift, inspire... Her mental juices swirl!

So, here, my friend you ask of me, “Do you still post for love?”

My answer, clear as I can state... “As God resides above!”

Please pardon all my weaknesses: Understand my drive...

My works are far from perfect here... But, I will continue on as long as I’m alive!


Its moments like this that one beautiful set of footprints appear,

while we walk together,

 carrying the other,

with a hand of love.



Thank you SpyGuy.

Peace & Grace.








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