Sweet Surrender

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If loving you means pain, then I'd gladly accept that pain.

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018





How can I let you go?

How can I forget you?

When amidst my confusion,

You’re my beautiful illusion.



You’re my sweet dream in the night,

The happiness of my unconscious mind.

But, when the sun rises on the horizon,

A beautiful nightmare, is what you’ve become.



Your presence brings sorrow and bliss,

Like a moth drawn to the flame,

You’re the happiness that brings me pain,

A pain, I’d gladly obtain.



Fool, they say is what I am.

Wrecking my being for the love that’ll never be mine,

But, letting you go is nothing but the same,

Of holding you and continue feeling the pain.



So I’ll choose the latter and continue this madness,

For in this madness I could feel your nearness.

Reminding me that no matter how far you maybe,

As long as you’re in my heart, you’ll always be near me.

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