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Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



I was 10 at the time, It was around 11 at night I was home alone. My mom was on third shift at the hospital and well we were divorced so I didn't see my dad. I had a babysitter but she was passed out upstairs. 
I was watching a horror movie on the couch in my family room with all of the lights off. I don't remember what they wanted but I remember seeing flashing lights outside my house and a police officer coming to my front door. He asked where my mother was I told him she was at work but the babysitter was asleep upstairs. He told me to keep the doors locked around the whole house because there was a criminal in the area who escaped police custody, he was considered real dangerous. I told the officer I would lock the doors and call my 
Mom to let her know. He agreed and left. I thought of letting the babysitter know but I figured I'd let her sleep. I locked the doors and called my mom who said she'd be home in a couple hours and to be brave. After I hung up I heard some noises from upstairs so I went to check on the babysitter. I opened the bedroom door to her and a guy he looked to be in his twenties.
 He had a plaid jacket on and a pair of ripped jeans and a baseball cap. My babysitter told me to keep this a secret. I atold her I wouldn't say anything if she agreed to let me stay up later. She agreed and said as long as you play quietly. I agreed and left them alone. Later that night my mom came home and offered the babysitter a ride home but she refused and said she had to leave in a hurry. The next morning I woke up and went into the room where she had that guy. 
I heard a vibration and noticed her phone was under the table. I grabbed it and started to walk to my mom a part of me wanted to read it but another part didn't think it was right. When another text message came and this time I couldn't help reading it it read 

"Thanks for helping me" 

It was a message from the person who was here last night. I dug deeper in the phone and I almost dropped the phone as I read  a message from 11:35 last night. 

"The police are after me I committed a murder..I'm scared can we talk?" 
And she had responded "sir" and gave our house address telling him to meet her here!" I didn't tell my mom but the man the police warned me about was in our house last night. He knows where we live. I should tell somebody but what if the man returns after all if anything happens he saw me last night and would assume I told the police and if he escaped maybe he'd come looking for me?.

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