Klondike 5 X 5

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Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018




By Alexander Guinevere Kern

Copyright 1991


My body has become a breathing tundra

Facing a slapped-pink cheek of Northern sky.

Hooked to living land, my frozen features

Drained of sin, sadness, the torture of thought.


How countless, the men who've shivered in my bed

Finally seeking inland fires. I've

Made an igloo of my former lovers' parts

And a 5 by 5 inch Klondike of my heart.


I like myself this way, no element

Is structured stronger than that old

Metaphor, Ice. Seal's blood is the last

Of what moved warm here. Even the sun


Gapes like a blinded eye for six months

And cannot ignite a single ardent ray.

Mankind bleeds, like the seal, it is a fact.

Fluid as his blood: his sorrow, his tears.


His exhale, a brief sigh of snow, his kiss

Can't fever me. Somewhere in the vacuous distance

A Polar Bear is laughing. Half a dark year

He leaves his diamond paw-prints nailed in stars.


You reek of skins and whiskey, oh stranger hunting bounty

You have journeyed to a mind unkind to man.

Somewhere a Polar Bear is laughing. Hear him?

Already your red-gold beard fangs in glacial shards.

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