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A strong, muscular, tall, confident man strides into the energy bar and sits next to me. The most noticing feature about him is his deep-seated penetrating eyes that exude intelligence. Then he
turns to me and introduces himself as “Savior 10” and asks me “where are you from”? I hesitatingly introduce myself as from earth and nervously introduce myself as Warrior 100. Savior 10 comments
“this is the first time I am seeing an earthling around”. Good to hear earth is producing warriors.

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



A strong, muscular, tall, confident man strides into the energy bar and sits next to me. The most noticing feature about him is his deep-seated penetrating eyes that exude intelligence. Then he turns to me and introduces himself as “Savior 10” and asks me “where are you from”? I hesitatingly introduce myself as from earth and nervously introduce myself as Warrior 100.

Savior 10 comments “this is the first time I am seeing an earthling around”. Good to hear earth is producing warriors.

Let me introduce you to “Savior 10”. He is one of the superheroes protecting our universe. He belongs to the elite class of warriors engaged to protect our universe from all danger. Having heard of the heroics of saviors, I am really humbled by his presence and kind of gawking at him in awe. Again, all that he exudes is kind intelligence. If you are wondering what an energy bar is? Energy bar is something like the cafe we have on earth. The energy bar offers much more than the beverages available on earth. It offers energizing potions, anti-aging potions and healing elixirs for body and mind .For the warriors protecting the universe, it’s available without any cost.


As we start engaging in a conversation, he slowly starts sharing details about his life and his experiences. As he starts speaking, I am intrigued about how the universal class of warriors are chosen. It seems genetically these are gifted class of people whose power gets noticed at an early age. The warriors know when another warrior comes into the universe with well-established telepathic system that’s not explained yet. When Savior10 was a kid, he showed intelligence and power of a grownup adult being which was immediately noticeable by his parents, siblings and people around. Then one day, a group of warriors visited his family and he was brought to “sweet rose” an asteroid where training is provided to the warriors. It’s a matter of great honor, prestige and privilege for a family, if a family member is chosen as warrior .His parents were proud yet sad to see him go. When a family member is chosen as warrior, the rest of the family members are taken care of by the universal authorities.

The warriors go through intense training during their days in “sweet rose”; get trained in building an innovative mind, universal laws, exploration of the universe and warfare. The best is titled as “Saviors” followed by “zeddies”, “keddies”, “neddies” and “warriors” in that order. They are trained separately after the initial stage. They use special weapons in their fights and mostly use their mind.

Saviors communicate using “alpha neuronic” waves; special wavelength rays emitted by their mind to correspond with another savior. People outside their zone would not be able to intercept that wavelength. We warriors depend on external communication devices. Each savior uses a vehicle for time travel and Savior 10 uses a square box that can have the top half open. When he needs some fresh air, he travels with top open, when he feels like sleeping, he shuts off the entire box and when he feels like dangling his legs, and he opens the bottom of the box. It’s a sophisticated, powerful engine. The life of a warrior is beautiful and tough. It takes you to places and adventures unknown, lets you build powerful bonds. Also, it involves hours or days of travel between galaxies, dangers unknown, being alert and surviving on energy potions for days.


We keep talking and suddenly he gets up with his eyes lighting up. I realize something is up. Then he sits down and bends towards me asking if I would you like to accompany him for an adventure.

I can’t believe my ears that I am getting an opportunity to have experience with an elite group protecting the universe. I pinch myself to check if this is really happening and it was indeed. We get up and run to his Box. The moment we step into the Box, it starts taking telepathic instructions from Sav10 and starts zooming out of our universe. Savior communicates with his mates in his mind and for my benefit, switches the video panel on the box. With this, I can see all the action going around. As we zoom away, I see boxes, balls, triangles, axes and many shapes floating nearby. I see the zeddies, keddies and neddies all around. Savior 10 checks and prepares all his weapons and instructs me to pick mine and be prepared. I pick one sword and a biological weapon. The weapon I choose would create a black hole in which I can hide for some time and it cannot be penetrated. Savior 10 chooses a sword and some biological weapons; one could make him invisible for some time. Our astral suit have ability to protect us from extreme temperatures, supply us oxygen to breathe while we are in the vacuum of space. They contain healing elixirs during the astral walks. They can propel us and make us fly and glide. The suits even have visors to protect our eyes from bright sunlight.

We start zooming in a pattern and reach the inter universal space. This is the place like no man's land or line of control on earth. This is the space between two universes. The universe we belong to specializes in high end research and building products. The universes nearby us are peaceful and have specialties of their own. So far, I don't know what this is bringing us as you can never predict things in such situations.

Then we see a universe called "Dragon fliers" zooming at us at a rapid speed and it's a distant universe away from us. We don’t have much information about it except the fact that they are technology specialists like us. Seeing its uncontrollable speed, the Saviors send signal to the universe to stop and let us know the purpose of approaching us. Even other universes nearby start making contacts. We provide three warnings to them and all three warnings fall in deaf ears. “Dragon flier” does not respond back.


Then a confusion happens, and it gets decided that we need to intervene. Confusion is much like a meeting on earth except it happens in mind here. The saviors receive video and sound signals directly in mind and decide on way forward.


We zoom at light years of speed and halfway we reach the fast approaching universe. We decide to penetrate it. As we approach “Dragon flier”, we start leaving our vehicles behind to avoid detection. We fly for quite a distance in the universal space with darkness and light playing hide and seek. Sometimes we pass the string of bright lights and sometimes just travel in pitch black darkness where seeing one is not possible. After some time, we approach the “Dragon flier” and “Savior 10” opens his invisibility weapon and becomes invisible and makes me fly under him. We circle around “Dragon Flier” and try to find out a perfect place to land. Other members from our universe also try to do the same. We speed along and decide to land in an asteroid in “dragon fliers”. My heart thumps with anticipation as we don’t know what exactly constitutes “Dragon flier”, the beings in it and their ideology. The asteroid that we land on seems rocky and warm. We thump on to it. Suddenly, we hear screeching siren nearby. We know for sure they cannot see us. But if they can detect presence of us in other way we are not sure. We just sit there hoping the siren would die down. Whatever the siren was for, it was not for us. It dies down. Then we start exploring the asteroid. We explore it and don’t see living beings around. Then we slowly travel to nearby bodies. “Savior 10” confirms that rest of our group is either hovering around or exploring different bodies in “Dragon flier”. We reach an astral body where we see life. It’s green and beautiful and lit with soft glowing objects and we see beings.  We see transport lines always running and beings getting into and out of them. They have beings like us. We see two beings approaching our direction and decide to target them. We knock them down and absorb ourselves into them. The invisible shroud ceases its effect and we become the two strangers and merge into the crowd. We try exploring the astral body and Savior gets a signal that similar bodies exist in the universe populated by different kind of beings and the one we landed on seems to be the well-developed and hosting the leaders.

As we explore it further, we see massive transit systems running throughout continuously. The ground transport network was developed. We could see beings like us around in the area. There was hustle and bustle and beings like us were enjoying night life. It must be the center of the astral body.  We also saw greenery around and the area was well lit with hanging objects emitting light. There were beings with head of horse and two legs only and tall creatures. The buildings were tall, transparent and flowy like liquid. Each building had green facade around and inside. Suddenly “Savior 10” gets a message to proceed in the direction of a building with white and blue lights. It seemed kind of hub where the leaders or think tanks of the operation had assembled. We approached the entrance and waited to see how the security system worked. The people just passed through a gate which opened for them. After the entrance was relatively empty, we decided to try our luck. “Savior 10” went first and promptly the door opened for him (he was still in the body of the being he entered in). Then I followed in and we entered the building. Savior made contacts with other Saviors who already had gained access and I don’t know how. We formed groups of three and started to explore the building in different directions. All the entrances led to an oval building at the back. The building had no walls and had images running all over the wall like a movie screen. There were people busy monitoring machines. We could see them exploring our universe through the images and forming some strategy. These were sophisticated technology being used. It was decided amongst us who had entered the bodies of the beings from “Dragon Flier” would go on first and the rest would be in “wait and watch” mode outside. Six of us entered in and there was no surprise or welcome from the beings inside. It was like we were expected to come in. We quietly took available places nearby and tried to appear busy with panels around. Slowly, we started to look around and were in for a shock. I could find a clone of mine and Savior could find a being exactly like him. We could identify few more who exactly looked like beings in our universe. It took us some time to absorb this and understand what was happening around us .We then started to formulate our next strategy. Since the Saviors can communicate with their mind and distinguish themselves from their clones, they got up and merged with other groups around where their clone would not be there. From the actions of the Dragon Fliers’ and words, it was clear that they were after our universe. Their objective was to conquer our universe as they wanted to show their power in the universe and they consider us as their best rivals to show their might and we would offer some competition to them. What an ego!  In the room we found a set of beings who do not have a productive mindset. They are full of negative ideas and not peace loving to live and let live.

What we discovered surprised us. We discovered clones of ourselves. “Dragon flier” constituted beings who were the mirrors of us with negative qualities in us magnified. It took some time to sink in. We were seeing the monsters who resembled us in looks but not intensions. After knowing their intentions and the limited time we had on hand, we had to think of our immediate course of action. The fundamental principle of our universe is to pick the weapon to defend the weak or for self-defense.

A confusion took place with our leaders in the Universe and it was decided rather than destroy the sophisticated universe, send it far away for it never to return to our space. Fighting our bad sides would have been tough as it would have been difficult to distinguish between them and us leading to chaos and destruction. The smart way was to bid them goodbye from our space. Our confusion from the building with our universe could be detected by one of their panels. Though they could not decipher the message, they could know it originated in the building and may be in the room. Without anyone knowing, the access to the building was closed; so, no one could enter or go out. We were trapped inside. All the people inside the room were asked to line up. We knew for certain now that we would be caught specially the ones with clones. Savior and I would get caught if the bodies started wearing off. We could definitely not make it to the door. The alternative was to head for the nearest wall of the room. “Savior10” held my hand and started running in the direction of the nearest wall. He used something that made a hole in the liquid wall and we jumped out. The bodies we had entered into, gave off and we started flying in our own bodies. The others in our group used the same escape route to fly out as there was utter chaos with beings following us. The chase continued, and we were flying for our lives. I am not sure how others escaped from that building. We decided to use the black hole and fly inside it. It was a good plan as we were tiring out. They stopped chasing us and we could make it to outside the “Dragon flier”. The “Savior 10” opened the last weapon in his hand from a small bottle. It was a tiny plant inside. He gently opened the lid and pointed at the universe. It was a plant called “snake Ivy” that can create a boundary and stop the object from moving or flowing. This is one of our research products that is being used now. The plant started emerging out of it and growing leaps and bounds to surround the “Dragon flier” at a rapid pace. We just stood there and watched the “Dragon flier “get surrounded by the plant forever. Thus, it was restricted. The rest of our group who could make it out of the building on time stood and watched as well. Then boxes started appearing to propel this rogue universe millions of light years away to faraway place captured in snake ivy. Our boxes started pulling and pushing the universe away towards its destination!

Slowly, “Savior 10’s box appeared, and we got in and the box took over the navigation. As I quietened my mind and sat inside the box, I wondered “Who was telling the story? And whose story was it anyway? The words fluttered and flew in the wind. Was it my story unfolding in the parallel universe with my negative thoughts and actions in this universe magnified? I am sure “Savior 10” was also thinking the same as his head was hung down deep in thought.

After we reached our universe, we headed to the energy bar and the first thing we went for was a tub of ice cream to completely relax our body, mind and soul and console us. After all, I am a mere earthling whose need at the end of the day is consoling food. A big smile crosses our lips as we lick the ice cream from the tub.


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