Forgive the storm I caused

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A poem created from a perspective of sorrow

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Eyes that loved me dearly
In a world where two exist
Where hands entwined together
Lips delicately kissed

Two hearts in an ocean
Sweeping to an unknown sea
A love forged by fate
On a ship called destiny

Now it is all so broken
I am sorry for the pain
Dark clouds that I gave to you
My cyclone brought the rain

Tears they cry a river
A waterfall down your cheek
Forgive me for my darkness
It’s absolution that I seek

A fractured heart can be mended
If you let me take the blame
The world is to discover
Release your inner flame

Your past I know has crumbled
The fault lies with me
It only makes you stronger
In this, I hope you see

Apologies are not enough
My words cut like a knife
Your best days are approaching
A new path into life

I know you cant forgive me
Just one thing I regret
Is the distress I brought to you
I ask you to forget

Life is not all rainbows
That follow darkened days
Your heart deserves much better
Than my hurtful ways

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