My Son

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



He was one inconspicuous entity in this entire planet; for whom I could sacrifice all the wealth which I had arduously assimilated till date,

He was one magnificent angel cuddling the silken sheets; for whom I could relinquish every iota of smile; lingering uninhibitedly in my persona,

He was one fountain of mesmerizing emotions; for whom I could remain famished without a single droplet of water; all marathon night and flaming day,

He was one impeccable bundle of overwhelming joy; for whom I could annihilate all tumultuous passion fulminating in my heart; bond with the threads of manipulative reality,

He was one angel with a glorious conscience; for whom I could lead my entire life without my pairs of robust hands and feet,

He was one immaculate cloud inundated with optimistic beams of new found hope; for whom I could walk barefoot; for centuries unprecedented on a mountain of
acrid thorns,

He was one celestial marvel deluging the air around with Omnipotent light; for whom I could sip the most heinous of poison; the very first day; each time I took birth as a man once again,

He was one enthralling adventure who captivated everyone in his charismatic swirl; for whom I could blindfold myself perpetually; plunge without the slightest of apprehension in my eyes into a valley of sinister darkness,

He was one sacrosanct idol of happiness bouncing towards the sky; for whom I could burn all my inevitable belongings into threadbare realms of ghastly hell,

He was one innocuous jewel of prosperity; for whom I could bury myself boundless kilometers beneath gigantic avalanches of white ice; without a cloth to drape my nimble body,

He was one philanthropic spirit floating in a river of majestic goodness; for whom I could stand unflinchingly amidst the most inclement of fires; till the last bone down my spine charred to an appalling death,  

He was one epitome of ubiquitous solidarity; a messiah of every religion created by man; for whom I could selflessly impart every beat of my passionately
palpitating heart,
He was one enchanting scent; disseminating his immortal essence wherever he crept; for whom I could confront the mightiest of disasters every unveiling
second of the day,

He was one tornado of effusive empathy; more grandiloquent than the heavens when he danced; for whom I could lick the most morbidly sweltering sand; sprinkled on the uncouth rocks,

He was one Omnipresent mirror of righteousness; candidly reflecting to the world its battalion of sins; for whom I could wholeheartedly embrace the corridors of extinction; in the most magnificent stages of my life,

He was one diminutively blue eyed beauty singing in the winds of exhilarating jubilation; for whom I could emboss unsurpassable lines of poetry; even after the
last droplet of blood in my veins had utterly exhausted,

He was one Omniscient ray of ethereally everlasting light; for whom I could survive till endless infinity; in a dungeon replete with hideous scorpion,

He was the most sacred fruit of our invincible love; for which me and my divinely beloved; had prayed since our several past lifetimes,

Most importantly; he was my blood, my breath; my heart; my soul; for whom I was ready to be born again only to face a countless more deaths; for infact he
was none other than my ultimate identity; he was my son.

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