Never Ask

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Never ask a man perpetually blind; to desiccate an infinitesimal needle from the unfathomably colossal haystack,

Never ask a bird withering horrendously on the ground; to flap its brutally severed wings and fly,

Never ask a panther growling full throttle; to emanate a melody that would transit human into a blissful slumber,

Never ask an insatiably parasitic leech; to magnificently heal your profusely
bleeding wounds,

Never ask an abysmally sweltering desert; to quench the agonizing flames overwhelmingly engulfing your scorched throat,

Never ask an insurmountably barbaric butcher; to pacify the intransigent wails of
a freshly born infant,

Never ask a horrendously broken pencil; to sketch the most fabulously intricate corners of the Universe,

Never ask a satanically ruthless assassin; to churn unsurpassable lines or mystically romantic poetry,

Never ask a diabolically thorny cactus; to become your voluptuously mesmerizing mattress for the heart of the night,
Never ask a gigantic avalanche of ice; to compassionately ignite your pathetically dwindling and frozen senses,

Never ask a flirtatiously capricious wink; to resolve higher than the summit of the unconquerable cosmos,

Never ask an incomprehensibly squalid pig; to perpetuate the dolorous
atmosphere with enchanting scent,

Never ask the clock ticking at swashbuckling speeds; to transit back into the realms of nascent childhood,
Never ask the stalk of frigidly diminishing grass; to stand like an invincible fortress against the most tumultuous of storm,

Never ask the vivaciously thundering streaks of lightening; to squeak like a kitten; camouflage in the corridors of dormant solitude,

Never ask dungeons inundated with glittering gold; to beg like impoverished urchins on the treacherously deserted street,

Never ask the irrevocably dead stone; to fulminate into rhapsodic spurts of animated laughter,

Never ask a enigmatically heartfelt poet; to function like monotonous clockwork in the periphery of manipulative office,

Never ask a bewitching sorceress; to philanthropically bless humanity with the essence of uninhibited sharing,

Never ask a newly embellished bride; to discard her soul mate like cakes of snobbishly neglected charcoal,

And never ask the lecherously blood sucking devil; to love; taint its immortal essence with the seed of malice proliferating hideously in his heart.

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