Never Say Die

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Say that I was a coward; running faster than the speed of white light; at the most minuscule premonition of danger,

Say that I looked horrendously ugly; repugnantly wading off even my reflection away from my entity,

Say that I was overwhelmingly penurious; starving to unprecedented limits; in the realms of my dilapidated hutment,

Say that I was oblivious of the art of love; staring like an insane moron into bare bits of disdainfully monotonous space,

Say that I was astronomically dirty; dissipating an ocean of treacherous filth on every path I tread,

Say that I was an inconspicuous mosquito; a transiently fleeting reflection which disappeared even before it had appeared,

Say that I was salaciously lecherous parasite; sucking blood indiscriminately from whomsoever who encountered me in my way,

Say that I was mockingly blind in the most dazzling of sunlight; tripping pathetically towards remote wisps of oblivion,

Say that I was full of malevolent fantasies; wishing insidiously evil as soon as people turned their innocuous backs,

Say that I was insurmountably haggard; resembling a hoarsely whimpering beggar; even in the most majestic of my suit,

Say that I was appallingly dumb; without a voice of my own; even though provoked beyond the point of satanic control,

Say that I was an unscrupulous rascal; philandering aimlessly on the streets; when in reality I toiled even after midnight; to assimilate fodder for the entire house,

Say that I was a diabolical assassin; rampantly massacring innocent scalps; for frugal wads of sleazy money,

Say that I was a replica of the preposterously fat elephant; evoking everyone to laugh as they sighted my erratically funny caricature,

Say that I was an acrimonious desert; without harboring the slightest trace of love or poignant empathy,

Say that I was a decayed stalk of shriveled mushroom; being blown worse than a whisker; down the slopes of the lanky mountain,

Say that I was a hideously menacing drunkard; mumbling incoherently for times immemorial; even though I drank nothing but pure water all my life,

Say that I was the most torturous of all husbands; meting my personal frustration on your rubicund skin; when infact you had incarcerated me in a blanket of blood coated chains; since the time we had tied the nuptial thread,

Say that I didn't know the way to live; howling like an imbecile dog; tearing my hair in the heart of the boisterously bustling lane,

And say anything you like O! beloved; condemning me beyond the boundaries of incomprehensible imagination; give me infinite deaths crucifying me with daggers of

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