No Chance For Time To Speak

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



We hardly had the time; to know each other's name; the fraternity of religion that the tyrannically conventional society had maliciously placed us in,

We hardly had the time; to conceive each other's fantasies; the compassionately seductive whirlpool of thoughts that circumscribed our tantalizingly nimble brains,

We hardly had the time; to gauge each other's destinies; the inscrutable configuration of lines on our palms which perhaps held the key to our enigmatically future lives,

We hardly had the time; to impregnably embrace each other; uninhibitedly feel the profoundly unconquerable sensuousness; embedded in our pristinely impeccable

We hardly had the time; to perceive each other's humorous instincts; the uncannily ludicrous clown in our demeanor's; that sporadically usurped our souls,

We hardly had the time; to write marathon epic's of poetry about each other; artistically swishing our articulate fingers; in unlimitedly due admiration of our majestic senses,

We hardly had the time; to wink at each other; timelessly flirt and philander in euphorically effervescent youth; through the perennially effulgent rivers and hills,

We hardly had the time; to pamper each other's ego; profusely garnish every cranny of our countenance with the vividly panoramic goodness of the gigantic planet;

We hardly had the time; to clandestinely date each other; intrepidly elope on bare horseback skins; to the most exhilaratingly rhapsodic crannies of the erotically
wild and deciduous forests,

We hardly had the time; to surreptitiously mischief with each other; unabashedly pull at our hair and rubicund chin; to bountifully cherish the fruits of eternally exuberant youth,

We hardly had the time; to gloriously triumph our presence; ebulliently rejoice to the most unprecedented limits; hand in hand; dancing under the iridescently milky moon,

We hardly had the time; to fathom each other's families; the societal status; prestige and relationships that our parent's had tenaciously assimilated; in the destined tenure of their lives,

We hardly had the time; to ecstatically laugh and cry; poignantly engross our personalities in an unfathomable myriad of humanitarian emotions; exploring the brilliantly sensitive side of life,

We hardly had the time; to enchantingly mesmerize each other; insuperably cast the incantation of our magically unadulterated innocence; upon our fervently dancing nerves,

We hardly had the time; to unsurpassably thank each other; for our celestially miraculous interaction; at a rambunctious corner of an contumaciously disheveled street,

We hardly had the time; to romanticize the essence of life; unassailably clasping our hands till times beyond eternal eternity; under Omnipotently spell binding rays of the afternoon Sun,

We hardly had the time; to speak our heart out; timelessly listen to the insides of our chests; palpitating more passionately than the annals of extraordinarily benign paradise,

We hardly had the time; to comprehend each other's ambitions; the stupendously enamoring missions that we wanted to embark upon in the chapter of our beautifully blissful life,

O! Yes; Believe it or not; we really didn't find time for doing anything of any sort; as the very first instant that we witnessed each other; the beats of our hearts and soul unconquerably bonded in the garland of immortal love; our lives became one by the grace of the Omniscient Divine; without giving time the tiniest of chance to speak or intervene.

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