No Control.

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



I could wink exactly when I wanted to; shutting one of my lid with astoundingly articulate dexterity; and in wholesome entirety to the lugubriously manipulative
planet outside,

I could yawn exactly when I wanted to; thunderously stretching the contours of my lips to the most unprecedented limits; blissfully resonating into an unfathomably rampant valley of sounds soon thereafter,

I could walk exactly when I wanted to; uninhibitedly alighting my nimble foot from obdurate ground; paving an intrepidly sensuous path of my own; as the world disdainfully entangled in bizarrely disparaging business outside,

I could dance exactly when I wanted to; bountifully synchronizing the movements of my impoverished visage; to majestically blend with the tunes of the seductively tantalizing and milky night,

I could cry exactly when I wanted to; profusely squeezing the sockets of my beleaguered eyes; discordantly inundating even the most infinitesimal particle of the atmosphere; with an unsurpassable ocean of cacophonic wails,

I could whisper exactly when I wanted to; amiably rustling through the partially obfuscated periphery of my wandering lips; enshrouding every bit of belligerent retribution with ravishing enchantment,

I could write exactly when I wanted to; blissfully embellishing fathomless bits of barren paper; with poetry that poignantly diffused from the inner most soul and the Gods,

I could fantasize exactly when I wanted to; unequivocally unveiling the chords of diminutive brain to the stupendously ingratiating melody of this timeless earth; exotically delving into inscrutably titillating territories beyond the obsoletely unknown,

I could smile exactly when I wanted to; exuberantly puffing my enthrallingly rubicund cheeks; wholeheartedly letting the scintillating whites of my teeth harmoniously coalesce with all benign goodness outside,

I could philander exactly when I wanted to; flirtatiously elope behind the hills with the companion of my choice; handsomely allowing the golden rays of the Omnipotent Sun; to envelop me in impregnable entirety,

I could roll exactly when I wanted to; rampantly cascading down the gigantic mountains; regally caressing the veils of intrepidly exhilarating adventure; as I rhapsodically made my way down,

I could bathe exactly when I wanted to; rejuvenate the disastrously gruesome conglomerate of my nerves under the sparkling waterfalls; even after the heart of
unbelievably dark midnight,

I could fight exactly when I wanted to; mustering all mighty muscle in a just a single swirl; endeavoring my ultimate best to save my kin; philanthropically save my treacherously devastated motherland,

I could chatter exactly when I wanted to; clatter the piquant buds of my teeth umpteenth number of times in a single minute; shivering in uncontrollably nervous
waves of dithering skepticism,

I could eat exactly when I wanted to; celestially assimilating all salubrious fruits of this earth in my penurious palette; astonishingly replenishing each ingredient of my blood with nutrition divine,

I could sleep exactly when I wanted to; wholesomely obscuring my eyes with knots of perennially heavenly silk; irrefutably sequestering myself way beneath in the boundless dungeons; without even the most inconspicuous trace of sound or vibrant light,

I could evolve exactly when I wanted to; fascinatingly gathering all eclectically resplendent assets of the Almighty Lord; to stunningly metamorphose the complexion of this delinquently frazzled Universe,

I could breathe exactly when I wanted to; ebulliently permeating the dolorously remorseful atmosphere with fireballs of vivacious glory; igniting an inferno of
untamed celebration even in the center of the despicably deadened night,

O! yes; I could do this; and I could do that; and by the Grace of God I was a majestic master of my own destiny; symbiotically bonding with the eternally transcending
and divine,

But I had absolutely not the slightest control on my heart; as its passionately triumphant beats ecstatically wandered without my commands; bonding with all immortal love on this colossal planet; bonding with the spell binding spirit to lead
an infinite more lifetimes.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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