No End-Products

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



The end product of indiscriminatingly venomous war; was the gruesome
coffin of baselessly decrepit and rotting; prejudice,

The end product of abjectly hypochondriacal insanity; was the forlornly malevolent dungeon of unceremoniously dilapidated and treacherously obnoxious; manipulation,

The end product of monotonously decrepit commercialism; was the desolate
web of abhorrently disdainful and lethally tyrannizing; regret,

The end product of sinfully dastardly lies; was the fiendish gallows of disparagingly derogatory and nonchalantly ridiculing; poverty,

The end product of indolently ignoramus illiteracy; was the pernicious well of devastatingly prurient and ignominiously lambasting; unemployment,

The end product of devilishly irrational obsession; was the sinister gutter of hopelessly debilitating and disgustingly horrendous; emptiness,

The end product of uncontrollably stinking expletives; was the pugnacious
battlefield of truculently terrorizing and nastily demonic; hatred,

The end product of salaciously whipping politics; was the hapless tornado of
vindictively orphaned and traumatically feckless; decay,

The end product of bizarrely delirious ghettoizm; was a shriveling civilization of unsolicitedly profane and remorsefully recoiling; fear,

The end product of unreasonably oozing wounds; was a cadaverous spirit of
disparagingly deteriorating and gorily grotesque; extinction,

The end product of brutally excoriating injustice; was an annihilating avalanche of torridly impotent and parasitically ominous; retribution,

The end product of lecherously unwarranted sleep; was a bawdily amorphous vacuum of maniacally decimating and forlornly weeping; frustration,

The end product of ludicrously slavering cowardice; was an acrimonious pig stalk of worthlessly snarling and everlastingly lifeless; shit,

The end product of invidiously maiming betrayal; was a convoluted whisker of
inconspicuously erratic and listlessly evaporating; nothingness,

The end product of atrociously murdering disrespect; were the ridiculous
crutches of insipidly detrimental and rebelliously ballistic; self affliction,

The end product of heartlessly hedonistic massacring; was the satanically
thrashing curtain of horrifically depriving and endlessly egregious; hell,

The end product of barbarously knifing atheism; was the merciless gallows of
inevitably flagrant and inexhaustibly cold-blooded death,

The end product of sinfully incarcerating bachelorhood; was the jinxed corpse of indefatigably hurting and limitlessly penalizing; loneliness,

But "Immortal Love" had not the tiniest of aftermath; as it kept perpetually
proliferating into paradise of unassailably heavenly togetherness and eternally compassionate humanity for infinite more births yet to unveil; and had not the slightest of end or meaningless end-product.

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