No Ghosts

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



The ghost of the impoverished beggar; indefatigably chased all those opulently uncouth entities; who had so barbarically kicked him once upon a time; on the streets of rambunctiously threadbare nothingness,

The ghost of the hapless destitute; unrelentingly chased all those tyrannically lambasting tycoons; who had so unsparingly deprived her of pristine innocence once upon a time; maliciously infiltrating into her enchantingly bountiful life,

The ghost of the unfortunate orphan; relentlessly chased all those diabolically evil spirits; who had so ruthlessly torn it apart from its Omnipotent parents once upon a time; penalizing it for ostensibly no reason or rhyme,

The ghost of the brutally pulverized leaf; intransigently chased all those ungainly footsteps; who had so deliberately massacred it once upon a time; metamorphosing its cradle of insatiable ecstasy into a graveyard of gruesome silence,

The ghost of the scorching desert; timelessly chased all those acrimoniously sweltering rays of the Sun; which had so truculently whiplashed it once upon a time; perniciously roasting its tranquility with fireballs of unbearable heat,

The ghost of the excoriated shark; endlessly chased all those ominous hunters; who had so demonically slit its throat once upon a time; rendering its unconquerably princely form into an inconspicuous coffin of meaningless bone,

The ghost of the assassinated artist; tirelessly chased all those conventionally stringent section of society; who had so ignominiously ostracized his work once upon a time; snobbishly tainting his marvelous artistry with their pompously deadened spit,

The ghost of the ghastily blinded eye; limitlessly chased all those venomous thorns; who had so mercilessly pierced its periphery once upon a time; invidiously marauding its carpet of spell binding sensuousness with a treachery befitting a dreaded swine,

The ghost of the maimed urchin; intractably chased all those salacious dictators; who had so lethally victimized its body once upon a time; transformed its gorgeously robust complexion into a shell of reclusively disparaging doom,

The ghost of the tortured slave; immutably chased all those devilish powerhouses; which had so gorily crucified his vivacious soul once upon a time; despicably invading his fountain of uninhibited freedom with chains of incarcerating prejudice,

The ghost of the heinously disintegrated egg; murderously chased all those
perilous vultures; who had so satanically smashed it once upon a time; remorsefully depriving it of even the most infinitesimal of chance to witness the mesmerizing planet outside,

The ghost of the pointed cactus; incorrigibly chased all those grotesque mouths; which had so abominably looked down upon it once upon a time; treating it as a piece of insipid shit as they endeavored their best to make fun of it; all the time,

The ghost of the stripped chicken; irrevocably chased all those heartless butchers; which had so cruelly decimated it once upon a time; converting it into a pool of pathetic blood just to titillate the spurious tongues; of countless alien,

The ghost of the annihilated township; uncontrollably chased all those worthless politicians; who had so unimaginably bombarded it once upon a time; converting even the most diminutive cranny of its persona into a battlefield of blood; hatred and abhorrent war,

The ghost of the isolated path; unflaggingly chased all those pompously inflated tycoons; who had so impudently rejected it once upon a time; transiting it into a living mortuary; just to prevent that extra bit of mud from infiltrating into their bombastically worthless shoes,

The ghost of  underprivileged children; inexhaustibly chased all those uselessly penalizing mavericks; who had so maliciously laughed upon their nimble demeanor; just because they were a shade stronger by the grace of Almighty Lord,

The ghost of the traumatized seductress; unfathomably chased all those licentiously thwarting devils; who had so forcefully tied her in shackles of captivity once upon a time; cursing her song of tantalizing melody; with the cry of vengeful death,

The ghost of the betrayed woman; doggedly chased all those perfidiously diseased impressions; which had so astutely trapped her once upon a time; transiently igniting the fires of unbelievable voluptuousness in her life; before ghoulishly shattering her for a countless more lives,

But the seed of immortal love had no ghost; not even the most tiniest of
sinister spirit to be afraid of; as it flowered into the most Omnipresent entrenchment of the divine; timelessly blossoming into the feathers of unshakable togetherness; even after all had died; even after the dying of unstoppable time.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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