Nibs the Frog

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This is a story of a Frog named Nibs. He goes to middle school and is having some trouble in class. However, his high school crush may just make the middle school experience a lot better!

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Hi! My name is Nibs. I'm a frog. I have 100,000 brothers and sisters and I'm the oldest. I'm 12 and I'm in Frodmis. That's, as some frogs call it, middle school. I live in the watery mud. My school is called Frogland Middle School and I also have a crush on a girl in my class named Snickers. She is the prettiest girl in my whole grade. She is also the kindest, I think to myself.

I'm struggling in Ms. Ribble's class in room 101. I'm so dumb! When I got home I found out that the Principal had emailed my mom and said he thought I needed a tutor, so that night in my bed, I thought OMG who do you think my tutor will be?

That morning when I got to school I found out that my tutor would be Snickers. I was so excited that I told Skitts (p.s. Skitts is my best friend). He was so happy for me that he started yelling,

"Nibs and Snickers sitting in a tr...."

I stopped him there. I was so embarrassed everyone was looking at us and my face got sort of green.

That afternoon all I could think about was Snickers and that everyone was looking at me in class. All of a sudden, the intercom went off and said,

"Nibs Bottles to the office, Nibs Bottles to the office".

I went down and found out that my tutor, Snickers, was at the office. I got so nervous and my stomach got super queasy. All of a sudden I fainted.

"Wake up, wake up!" said Mr. Aero. "How many fingers am I holding up?" said Mr. Aero .

"Three," I said groggily.

When I woke up I had found out that it actually wasn't Snickers. It was my dad and he said that my mom had had 500 more frog babies. I was so embarrassed that I fainted because I was disgusted that I thought my dad was my crush. Ewww, disgusting!

When I got home I felt really weird like a bomb went off in my heart. It was almost like I liked Snicker more than when this whole thing started. That night I decided that in the morning I would tell Snickers that I like her. 

That morning when I got to Frodmis  I saw Snickers with her friends Lolli and Pop, so I went up to her and asked if I could talk to her alone. When we got somewhere alone, I told her how I liked her and how long I have liked her for. The look on her face showed she was so shocked. Her mouth dropped open and then she said something I never thought she would say. She said that she liked me too. She had liked me since grade three. I was so excited that I could barely breathe.Turns out this year wouldn't be that bad after all. I got a girlfriend, I got 500 more brothers and sisters and the tutoring wasn't that bad either, mostly because my girlfriend was my tutor.

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