No Heart Except Hers

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



No hands to caress my nape except hers; tantalizingly tingling every famished pore of my drearily exhausted and lackadaisically hanging skin,

No eyes to sight my countenance except hers; as she made me feel like a majestically unparalleled king; with each of her tumultuously ardent stares,

No lips to kiss me except hers; transiting me into a land of enchantingly fragrant paradise; as she vivaciously smooched the contours of my devastatingly dithering lips,

No ears to hear me except hers; as she made every word that I spoke more Omnipotent than the Almighty Lord; sensuously discerning the unfathomably overwhelming compassion in my rhythmic sounds,

No voice to console me except hers; as she transformed my lugubriously acrimonious visage into realms of everlasting fantasy; with the exuberantly rhapsodic melody that wafted from the innermost arenas of her fabulously ingratiating throat,

No strength to support me except hers; as she miraculously rejuvenated each of my treacherously dwindling senses; with the irrefutably patriotic ardor in her royally emphatic footsteps,

No nails to scratch me except hers; as she boisterously weaved her titillatingly teasing fingers through the impoverished caricature of my ribs; nostalgically transiting me back; into the cradle of impeccable childhood,

No teeth to nibble my skin except hers; as she triggered fireballs of untamed euphoria through every iota of my bloodstream; escalating me above the clouds of bountiful freedom; to dance with the ultimate angels of humanity,

No hair to swish me except hers; as she marvelously cascaded the fathomlessly voluptuous sheet of follicles over my rubicund cheeks; seducing me into a
cavern of uninhibitedly unprecedented excitement,

No belly to dance with me except hers; resplendently gyrating with me under milky rivers of ecstatic moonlight; even as the atmosphere slept in the perpetual stillness; of the serenely star studded night,

No neck to lean upon me except hers; as she astoundingly drifted me into a world of ebulliently melodious enthrallment; mischievously flirting with me behind the ethereally dusk enveloped hills,

No destiny intertwining with me except hers; as she handsomely spawned the chapter of our holistic existence; on the paths of impregnably alluring triumph; be it brilliant day or the insurmountably forlorn night,

No whistle to intrigue me except hers; as she unfathomably incarcerated every element of my penuriously trembling demeanor; in the blanket of enigma mystically embracing her unassailably priceless soul,

No fantasy to drown me except hers; as she deluged each cranny of my devastatingly bedraggled flesh; with unconquerable infernos of; vibrantly eternal and flamboyant desire,

No whispers to seduce me except hers; as she majestically led me on a ravishingly glorious expedition of timeless beauty; bequeathing a rainbow of blissful contentment; over my deplorably extinguishing shadows,

No saliva to tickle my skin except hers; as she profusely slavered on my indigently starved skin in her divinely deep sleep; transforming me into a cloud of torrentially showering excitement and unrelenting pleasure,

No conscience to lead me except hers; as she enlightened each path that I dared to tread my painstakingly bleary foot on; with unfathomable rays of optimistically sparkling hope and beautiful belonging,

No breath to impart me life except hers; as she chivalrously bestowed upon me a countless more births to celestially survive; extricating me like a poignantly embellished prince from beneath my gorily invidious grave,

And No heart to bond with my beats except hers; as she taught me the most irrefutably priceless lessons of truth; desire and unsurpassable romance; taught me to
incessantly love and let others exist in the swirl of its immortally sacrosanct spirit.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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