No Holdbacks

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



There were times when I held dogmatically back  my sleep; even though my disastrously beleaguered eyes felt like forever popping out of their brutally tyrannized sockets,

There were times when I irretrievably held back my smiles; even though the corners of my lips miserably ached to profoundly blossom; till times beyond majestically glorious eternity,

There were times when I irrevocably held back my hunger; even though the thunderously hedonistic reverberations in my stomach; woke even the most truculent of demons in the cosmos; from aisles of deep siesta,

There were times when I stubbornly held back my triumph; even though the Sun of blistering success; came on my doorstep to uninhibitedly kiss my impoverished feet,

There were times when I torturously held back my creativity; even though unsurpassable cloudbursts of blissfully fructifying fantasy; royally sprouted from
every conceivable cranny of my mind,

There were times when I uncaringly held back my tears; even though countless mirrors of hapless desperation shattered to horrendously maiming nothingness; inside
the dormitories of my weeping soul,

There were times when I resolutely held back my yawns; even though the insurmountably unceasing bedspreads of laziness; slowly and slowly lulled each of my senses into a soporific lullaby,

There were times when I devoutly held back my aspirations; even though the rhapsodically ebullient fireball of optimistic dynamism; wholesomely circumscribed every ingredient of my effervescent blood,

There were times when I fanatically held back my bravado; even though the winds of unflinching fearlessness; indefatigably perpetuated me to fight for justice till the very last bone down my spine thrived,

There were times when I deliriously held back my frolic; even though the impeccably mischievous child in me; torturously asphyxiated to a prematurely decrepit end,

There were times when I barbarously held back my desires; even though the titillations of insatiable sensuality in the pores of my skin were more poignantly unconquerable; than streaks of regally white lightening in scarlet sky,

There were times when I ungainly held back my philosophies; even though the unprecedented urge to disseminate the essence of gloriously unfettered mankind; spawned like an insuperable fortress in every comprehensible cranny of my countenance,

There were times when I baselessly held back my dreams; even though the caverns of unfathomably effulgent excitement; timelessly burgeoned in every rivulet of crimson blood; that ecstatically encircled my brain,

There were times when I nonsensically held back my freedom; even though every dormitory of my mind; body and victorious soul; wanted to timelessly kiss the ultimate apogees of tranquilly coruscated paradise,

There were times when I immutably held back my poetry; even though the profoundly illuminated lanterns of bountiful sensitivity; caressed a miraculously new
high in the fabric of my life,
There were times when I bigotedly held back my fists; even though the urge to defend myself against the treacherously rapacious and indiscriminately marauding
monsters; rose beyond the heavens in my diminutively nimble body,

There were times when I intransigently held back my melody; even though the uncurbed desire to effusively blend with the colors of panoramic nature; passionately drifted from each word that I spoke,

There were times when I intractably held back my breath; even though the invaluable instinct of sustaining life; tempestuously pounded like the entire force on this earth; upon my despairingly aggrieved and strangulated lungs,

But at no time of my parsimoniously truncated life could I ever hold back the beats of my endlessly fervent heart; could I ever hold back the wave of unshakable romance that it perennially culminated into; could I ever dream of holding back my immortal love for you and only you; O! Pricelessly divine beloved.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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