No Mind Should Never Ever Be Wasted

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



No tree; should never ever be indiscriminately felled; replacing its astoundingly symbiotic breeze and compassionate fertility; with threadbare pieces of frigidly skewed twigs; instead,

No conscience; should never ever be acridly tainted; replacing its irrefutably unassailable spirit of divine righteousness; with abominable coffins of derelict corruption; instead,

No lip; should never ever be vindictively stitched; replacing its inimitably
unparalleled ocean of smiles and eternal happiness; with bizarrely dastardly
sorrow; instead,

No scalp; should never ever be barbarously tonsured; replacing its sensuously vivacious flock of hair; with cadaverously invidious baldness; instead,

No finger; should never ever be horrifically curled; replacing its uninhibitedly fathomless artistry; with dungeons of claustrophobically remorseful hell; instead,

No sweat; should never ever be robotically stopped; replacing its emolliently glorious essence of perseveringly truthful existence; with the cynically emotionless ice of the monotonously mechanical air-conditioner; instead,

No blood; should never ever be perniciously distilled; replacing its unsurpassably poignant ardor; with the drudgery of unceremoniously unsympathetic  manipulation; instead,

No eye; should never ever be deliberately blinded; replacing its impeccably panoramic and limitlessly holistic capacity to sight; with amorphously gory
mortuaries of crippling darkness; instead,

No stomach; should never ever be torturously emaciated; replacing its robustly celestial capacity to feed the entire body; with impoverished stones of reproachfully stymied emptiness; instead,

No ear; should never ever be vituperatively deafened; replacing its unbelievably unfathomable sensitivity to every form of Lord's sounds; with horribly stagnating dilapidation till times immemorial; instead,

No eyelash; should never ever be sadistically clipped; replacing its unceasingly enchanting and flirtatiously mischievous flashing; with a inanely wastrel and traumatically iconoclastic stare; instead,

No tongue; should never ever be cold-bloodedly tied; replacing its inexhaustibly reinvigorating chirpiness; with the unbearable devils of irretrievably distraught dumbness; instead,

No Sun; should never ever be insidiously jailed; replacing its Omnipotently
optimistic glimmer; with the maelstroms of sinfully debilitating darkness;

No Mother; should never ever be tyrannically adulterated; replacing her fabric of Omnipresently insuperable belonging; with licentiously ribald parasites of unforgivable prostitution; instead,

No shoulder; should never ever be ruthlessly compressed; replacing its unflinchingly royal wave of selfless camaraderie; with intolerably deteriorating debauchery; instead,

No breath; should never ever be inexorably choked; replacing its timelessly
burgeoning enlightenment of effulgent life; with the gallows of depravingly
ostracizing extinction; instead,

No body; should never ever be deliriously tortured; replacing its triumphantly righteous exuberance to undauntedly surge ahead; with the winds of impoverishedly crumbling and lividly maniacal worthlessness; instead,

No heart; should never ever be salaciously betrayed; replacing its immortal
beats of perpetually bonding love; with infinite dinosaurs of
devilishness and deceit; instead,

And No mind; should never ever be wasted; replacing its boundless cocoons of
unrestrictedly silken fantasy and indefatigably proliferating innovation;
with the wails of the cacophonically howling skeleton; instead.

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