No Payments

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



You don't have to pay the clouds to ecstatically rain; torrentially shower golden droplets of ebullient liquid; upon fathomlessly parched territories of; desolately naked soil,

You don't have to pay the flowers to diffuse scent; blossom into romantically swirling mists of desire; to blissfully bequeath their fountain of unfathomable fragrance; to one and all; redolently alike,

You don't have to pay the soil to fructify into fruit; astoundingly spawn a civilization of bountiful prosperity; a celestial township of unitedly Herculean strength,

You don't have to pay the wind to rhapsodically blow; profoundly perpetuate each cranny of the despairingly bedraggled atmosphere; with the insurmountably vivacious elixir to triumphantly surge ahead in life,

You don't have to pay the Sun to royally rise; inundate every iota of the dolorously darkened earth; with optimistically heavenly and Omnipotent rays of dazzling light,

You don't have to pay the cow to uninhibitedly ooze milk; disseminate its irrefutably sacrosanct essence to the most remotest corner of this Universe; miraculously fortify sagging bones with its divinely aura,

You don't have to pay the Moon to resplendently shimmer; enchantingly radiate infinite streams of milky moonlight; to metamorphose every drearily beleaguered night; into the fulfilling river of paradise,

You don't have to pay the grass to exotically tingle your feet; profusely incinerate infernos of tantalizingly untamed desire in your impoverished countenance; as you gallivanted on it at the crack of ravishingly ethereal dawn,

You don't have to pay the waterfall to mystically enlighten; magically besiege every part of your monotonously staggering demeanor; with tangily inscrutable sensations of; seductively gorgeous life,

You don't have to pay the cuckoo to awaken you every morning; melodiously deluge your dwindling soul; with stupendously everlasting tunes of; harmoniously new-found excitement,

You don't have to pay the sea to impart you frosty salt; mischievously tickle every despicably despondent nerve of your manipulative form; with unprecedented
adventure and exhilarating froth,

You don't have to pay the dolphins to voluptuously dance; incinerate the impeccably wandering child in your treacherously incarcerated senses; make you delightfully sing under the blazing Sun,

You don't have to pay the deserts to compassionately warm; engender pricelessly silver beads of effulgent perspiration; to trickle handsomely down your diminutive nape,

You don't have to pay the child to indefatigably intrigue; incredulously bewilder even the most stringently commercial tycoon in you; to innocuously dream beyond the realms of infinite infinity,

You don't have to pay the Almighty Creator to endlessly evolve; as he Omnisciently maneuvered even the most inconspicuous element of your life; blessed you with the spell binding virility; to procreate countless more of your holistic kind,

You don't have to pay the conscience to unequivocally dispel sagacious righteousness; irrevocably refrained you in your salaciously advancing footsteps; every
time you were greedily enticed towards the heinously wrong,

You don't have to pay your mother to bear you in her godly womb; blissfully nourish even the most minuscule bone in your visage; to see you eternally blossom into the ray of timeless happiness,

You don't have to pay breath to keep you vivaciously bouncing and beamingly alive; joyously impound every extinguishing desire of your insidiously asphyxiated
body; with the unsurpassable ardor to lead glorious life,

And you don't have to pay the heart to bestow upon you the immortal love of your life; bond its unassailably majestic beats with the most gorgeously priceless mission; of your each extraordinarily jubilant lifetime.

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