No Pre-Requisites

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



If you don't know how to swim; then please don't plunge yourself into the ferociously choppy seas; or else you'd unsparingly drown to the
ominously uncouth rock bottom,

If you don't know how to spell; then please don't inexhaustibly yearn to become a writer; or else you'd be ruthlessly lambasted by whiplashes of mercilessly
ignominious contempt and unfathomable disdain,

If you don't know how to fly; then please don't plummet from the summit of the indomitably Herculean mountain; or else you'd find it'll be impossible for
you to collect your countless shattered bones; after you hit emotionlessly hard ground,

If you don't know how to tune; then please don't sing; or else you'd have boundless hordes of rancidly rabid dogs endlessly chasing you; pugnaciously responding to your cadaverously cacophonic wails,

If you don't know how to chew; then please don't uninhibitedly eat; or else you'd miserably choke and horrendously stutter to a terribly torturous and
diabolically cold-blooded death,

If you don't know how to admire; then please don't pretentiously sight; or else you'd be solely gobbled by corpses of prejudiced sorrow; amorphously
sauntering in the earth and atmosphere,

If you don't know how to imbibe; then please don't tirelessly learn; or else you'd be wasting pricelessly limitless moments of your life staring into balderdash nothingness; whilst infinite more of your kind resplendently bloomed till
times beyond eternal eternity,

If you don't know how to humanize; then please don't pray; or else you'd be righteously penalized by Omnipotent Lord Almighty; for disrespecting his quintessential principles of majestic creation,

If you don't know how to symbiotically mélange; then please don't procreate; or else you'd indiscriminately pulverized by your very own kin; in the murderous
rat-race of survival of the fittest,

If you don't know how to be happy; then please don't smile; or else you'd feel like a parasitically sanctimonious leech; a hedonistically pertinent thorn in the fabric of celestially selfless jubilation,

If you don't know how to be a magnanimously philanthropic cloud; then please don't rain; or else you'd be heartlessly emptying every ingredient of scarlet blood from your body; metamorphosing into a graveyard instead,

If you don't know how to flirt; then please don't wink; or else you'd be considered a delinquently salacious and tawdry traitor; by every fraternity of
holistically surviving living kind,

If you don't know how to fantasize; then please don't stretch your brain; or else you'd be wholeheartedly inviting the truculently hideous devil; to thrash you
left; right and center instead,

If you don't know how to protect; then please don't adapt the haplessly orphaned; or else you'll be digging dual graves for both you and him; egregiously
losing to the carnivorously maiming parasites; loitering on every side,

If you don't know how to walk; then please don't exuberantly run; or else you'd taste inanely hateful dust; even before you could dare to alight a single foot; in the most obsolete of your dreams,

If you don't know how to respect all humanity; then please don't ostentatiously preach; or else you'd become the first victim of that vituperatively blood-stained war of racialism; that you were so pompously trying to quell,

If you don't know how to patriotically blaze for your mothersoil; then please don't declare unendingly volatile war; or else you'd be inevitably massacred by
your own men; who'd embed their own flags of victory upon your
bereaved throne,

If you don't know how to synergistically live; then please don't breathe; or else you'd be placed the lowest in the chain of indispensable survival; ready to be taken for the unholy devil's supper anytime,

But if you don't know anything at all on this earth; are even oblivious to your very own voice and name; then please get ready to love; for Immortal Love
doesn't demand any status; caste; creed or wealth; it just perpetually embraces you making you feel the most Omnipotently blessed organism alive; and mind you; unlike everything else; it never has; ever had; or will ever have; any pre-requisite

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