No Wealth; No Worshipping Required

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



No wealth required; not even the most infinitesimal shade of the scintillating currency coin ever needed; which robustly jingled till handsome eternity,

No versatility required; not even the most inconspicuous shade of spell binding talent ever needed; which unassailably cast its own inimitable supremacy; upon every other bit of monotony; satanically thriving on  this commercial planet,

No majesty required; not even the most infidel shade of princeliness ever needed; which irrefutably overwhelmed; every ounce of oblivious ordinariness in the fabric of the unceasing atmosphere,

No punctuality required; not even the most ethereal shade of timeliness ever
needed; which gave the most resounding slap in the face of preposterously lambasting indolence,

No power required; not even the most transient shade of domination ever needed; which forever massacred the molehill of weakness; like the most hapless of white ants,

No pretension required; not even the most ephemeral shade of gaudiness ever
needed; which sneeringly surpassed every trifle of bohemian rusticity; in the boundless Universe,

No victory required; not even the most insouciant shade of unshakable triumph ever needed; which insuperably embedded the flag of jubilation; upon every lugubriously blackened corner of planet earth,

No beauty required; not even the most disappearing shade of astoundingly miraculous panorama ever needed; which irrefutably crucified all lacklusterness on boundless earth,

No politics required; not even the most frugal shade of dexterously successfully manipulation ever needed; which inevitably guided the way to the ultimate of a person's dreams; in this fetidly wretched planet today,

No endless incantations required; not even the most evanescent shades of mellifluously subliming rhymes ever needed; which put every element of frazzled desperation to celestial rest,

No impeccable white robes required; not even the most diminutive shades of
tirelessly meditative holiness ever needed; which interminably dissolved all blemishes into a coffin of amorphous nothingness,
No scarlet blood required; not even the most obfuscated shades of undefeated crimson passion ever needed; which perpetuated new life in the most
cadaverously slaughtering of graveyards,

No clairvoyance required; not even the most impoverished shades of unconquerable Omniscience ever needed; which made every other living being on this earth appear like; lividly vanishing feces,

No authority required; not even the most invisible shades of sanctimoniously
silencing superiority ever needed; which made countless others to slave under; just the imperceptible tip of your little finger,

No brilliance required; not even the most dying shades of pricelessly ameliorating evolution ever needed; which triumphantly snapped the fangs of all doomed stagnation in the world,

No immortality required; not even the most fugitive shades of infallibly everlasting demeanor ever needed; which forever  put the word "death" to indescribable shame,

No worshipping required; not even the most penurious shades of maniacal blind faith ever needed; which was an end to the hideously ghoulish spirit of the agnostic,

Instead. If you really wanted to become a perpetually integral ingredient of the Omnipotent Lord's blood; all you had to do was uninhibitedly leave every element of your body to float in the stream of humanity; and let every of your heartbeat spontaneously and effortlessly bond with the sky of Omnipresent Love.

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