Without You- Original Song

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These are the lyrics to my original song entitled "Without You". Find the link to my soundcloud to hear it below!


Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



This is what it feels like to be free

This is what it feels like to be a child

This is how it feels to know that (beat)

No one will ever go as far

As you once did

And I can’t wait to live my live without you


I always wanted to be

As free as the people around me

You no longer tie me down I’m

No longer on the ground

Wishing that I was light

And I can’t wait to live my life without you


I don’t have to live with my arms up ready to fight

I don’t have to live constantly worried about my life

I don’t need to wonder what people’s intentions are

My open wounds have turned into scars

And I can’t wait to live my life without you



This is a song I write after I took my personal steps to forgive my abuser. I was taken aback by the light-weightedness of my steps and my heart. I guess I never really knew what my heart was supposed to “feel” like on the daily because I carried the reprocutions of abuse with my and it dictated ever y thought and action and I didn’t even realize it. It felt like I knew nothing else. Until I truly forgave the actions and decided that I didn’t deserve them nor should I have the responsibility of carrying them. This song was greatly inspired by my old youth pastor’s wife, whom I visited shortly after healing. She knew what happened and saw it day by day. She was the one who helped me find the words as I physically put my arms in the air showing how I lived my life with a “this time I will be ready for the abuse” rather than “That will not happen again” I owe a lot to that woman. We haven’t talked since that conversation but I’m very thankful. And she’s on my Facebook, so maybe she’ll read this.

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