It Is Finished-An Original Song

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Here are the lyrics to my original song called "It Is Finished" You can find the audio on my Soundcloud:

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



It Is Finished- an original song by Hannah Saige written ­­­­______


I never felt quite so free before

Since I was nine years old walking through that door

I’ve never felt freedom quite like this

For 15 years I was such a mess

I never got to feel like a little girl

Til I forgave your sin and got you out of my world

The shelter that was stripped from me is back again

And I don’t know if you will ever understand


It is finished, it is gone

It wasn’t my fault and it was wrong but

It is finished and you are forgiven


I opened up my little heart to receive it-

The peace I received from my Savior Jesus

But I know that I’ll never live in fear

Like I did for so many years


The truth shall set you free

And I am free indeed

The truth shall set you free

And I am free indeed








This is a song I wrote within a month of when I wrote “Without You”. The verse in John 19:30 is what inspired the namesake of the song. I wrote this as a power statement. That I didn’t want to “forget” that I forgave my abuser but I wanted something to go back to when I had moments of self-indulgence about forgiving him because “he didn’t deserve it”.  But my thoughts were on Jesus and how he forgave this man already and how we are supposed to be reflections of God.  In Matthew, in the Beatitudes, Jesus says “Blessed are the peacemakers (relationship-menders) for they shall be called the children of God. Children learn by looking to their parents to do everything. In forgiving as Christ forgave, you reflect the Father’s image. And it sets you free from the feelings of guilt, shame, anger, and disgust. He fills it with the peace that passes all understanding and it sets you free and the Word says “he who the Son sets free is free indeed”

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