My Father is a Serial Killer

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16-year-old Seth Bauer is in therapy because his father is a convicted serial killer.

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



My Father is a Serial Killer

On a bitter cold day in January, in accordance with a court ruling, sixteen-year-old Seth Bauer, son of the now notorious serial killer, John Bauer, is in a very serious therapy session.  The esteemed psychologist, Dr. Frederick Reid, is assigned to evaluate Seth’s mental health, following a traumatic event, his father’s conviction on 13 counts of murder.  The session has already begun, and the air in the office is stuffy, uncomfortable, and undeniably oppressive. 

Dr. Reid: I’d like to learn more, Seth, about your relationship with your father.  Do you recall any memories you had with him?  We will then, of course, determine the significance of these memories and figure out how they have affected you. 

Seth: Yes, a specific one comes to mind.  I remember one day, my after-school track practice was canceled, and I had hurried home to study for an upcoming exam.  My father came home expecting the house to be empty, I’m sure, and his clothes were smeared with blood.  I asked him what had happened, and he confessed he had just killed two people.  He didn’t seem at all remorseful, no he was smiling after committing his murders, and he appeared to be reveling in his actions.  His only concern was that I not tell anybody, and out of fear, I agreed to keep silent.  Here’s what he told me: He was at a bar, and he overheard a man bragging that he was, how should I say, intimately involved with another man’s wife.  The man saw this woman, Jane Flaherty, every Thursday afternoon, when her husband was at work.  The guy was raving about her, that she was a real loose, adulterous woman, a sexual dynamo, who had been with several men from town. Anyway, my father remembered her name, looked up the woman’s address and went to her house one Thursday afternoon.  She kept the door unlocked, believing her neighborhood to be safe, and my father walked right in, went up the stairs, and saw Jane fooling around with the guy from the bar.  My father took out his knife and slashed and murdered the two of them right there in Jane’s marital bed.  My father described the murder and said that they kicked and screamed while he cut them open and their blood splattered and mixed together and soaked the bedsheets.  It was an awesome blood bath, and my father said that he experienced this adrenaline rush, those were his words, during the whole thing.  He justified his actions by saying that God would have wanted the two of them punished, and that he was carrying out their just punishment, as a faithful servant of God.  That was the first time I found out about what my father did while I was at school. 

Stunned, the good psychologist sat there silently, waiting to see if Seth would divulge further.  He couldn’t help but notice that Seth exuded a cold, vacant, disconnected, apathetic, and altogether inharmonious vibe.  After a moment of silence, Dr. Reid asked, as placidly and professionally as he could:

Dr. Reid: Is there anything else you would wish to add? 

Seth:  There’s one more thing doctor.  I had a dream last night, and in it my father spoke to me.  He said he wants me to carry on his work; only improve on his mistakes and practice better technique.  He named you as my first victim, Dr., and I must carry out my God-given duty. 

Dr Reid:  What are you saying Seth, you…No!

Then, in a flash, Seth Bauer took out a sleek looking knife from the inside of his coat, and before Dr. Reid could make a desperate, coherent cry for help, slashed the good psychologist across the throat.  Seth smiled sinisterly and thought: The new body count has begun.

-The End -

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