PIctures of Black and Gray- An original Song

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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Pictures of Black and Gray


The feeling of hands

Running down my shirt

Is starting to fade away

The difference between what you did to me

And how it feels to be loved

(is that)


He will do it in love

And who I am is more than enough

All I can say is that you no longer own me, yeah

All I can say is it’s starting to fade away


I begin to divide

What you did to me

And how it feels to be loved

And I won’t go running

For your kind of loving

But my love will understand


And it fades away to

Pictures of black and gray

That I can not define

It fades away to

Pictures of black and grey

That ease my mind



This is a song I wrote when I was around 15 or 16 years old. I hated it before I turned 20 because it was awkward and not pieced together as “pretty” as my late teen/early 20s work. My uncle was the one who encouraged my to get to know the song again and not refind it but fall in love with it. Refining it might take that “awkward” phase out of the story these songs wrote and that was a big part of it. After preforming it to other musicians, I even had some people say it was their favorite. The song was written to blatantly say that I’m choosing to blur the details of my abuse to make it easier to handle. Around this time, everything was blanket statements and vague details. I couldn’t get into the truth because I was afraid I wasn’t strong enough to face the memories. I used my forgetful memory to my advantage and didn’t think about the pain until almost ten years later when I wrote “Conversation with a Predator”.


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