To Be Seen- An original Song

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This is a song I wrote about feeling invisible while going through abuse as a child. Scroll all the way to the bottom to hear my thoughts on it. Links to the

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



When you hear my name

Can you see my face

Hiding behind those turtle neck s and laced up shoes

When you hear my name, do you think of me

All I ever wanted was to be seen


All I want is an answer

All I wanted was to be seen

Oh to be seen

Oh to be seen



When you hear his name

Do you wanna say

I’m sorry I didn’t protect you

Cause when I hear your name

It has been replaced

By someone who loves me


When you hear his name

Do you think of him

Do you wonder all the things he might have done

When you hear his name

Do you fall to your knees

Do you ask forgiveness, do you think of me


This is a song I wrote to a witness of my abuse, a witness who failed to failed to rescue me, despite knowing it was happening. I often thought about this person, with whom I was close. Does he remember my name, when he meets other Hannahs, do I come to mind? Has he forgotten me and everything that happened to me? I wouldn’t really know, or I thought I wouldn’t and I just wanted someone to say either “Hey I saw you, even though I ignored you” or “I was oblivious and I didn’t notice your circumstances” . I looked back at my childhood and noticed the times I ‘acted out’ or did something that, as a childcare provider, I’m taught to look out for in children. This was only ten or so years ago, how did you not care? Were you timid or scared? These were questions I wanted to ask desperately but never did. Writing them out felt amazing.  It felt like I could finally ask what was on my heart for a decade and I allowed myself to be bitter (for a minute) but didn’t dwell in that.



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