The night

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We all have those terrifying past we all wanted to forget. Yet by just seeing one thing, place, situation or even a familiar face, the pain and it's horror will come flowing as fresh and as painful
as before.

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018





I’m watching the sun sets,

Watching how it slowly fade

Watching how the bright blue sky

Turns into red, orange and very slowly


I continued to stare at the sky

Silently praying for it to turn bright

Seconds, minutes, hours have passed

How can the night be this long?

Or perhaps when was I so afraid of the night?

When was the wind blows as cold as ice?

 When? Why? How?

And an image crept into my mind

Yes, perhaps you’re the when, the why and the how

The sky dancing with the twinkling stars,

And the moon proudly guarding the darkness of the night

I no longer admire the sight

For the night once so bright

Now, is but a horror of my past.


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