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Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



Far-flung sun illuminates the souls

A twisted, tragic world paints these people

All their empty hearts reaching to be whole

There’s hope somewhere, singing an infinite tune

Ears may hear, though they don’t listen these days

And hope cries golden tears, resembling the moon

A broken boy waits for his broken brother

All the while, the wind whispers so discouragingly

Pulling the strings of his fears, one after another, after another

Tainted by the world, yet the boy stands strong

The rest are blinded by what they do not see

But he sits here; strumming along to hope’s healing song

Shattered stars etched forever above his tattered mind

So death defines being alive, he knows definitions change

And none see, forgotten time sketches simple beauty to find

Many show him pity, giving in, oblivious to living’s sweet burn

They hide while he wears his dying heart proudly

And the distance shows a brother thought never to return

The boy grins, his soul shining, and the world sees for the first time

Hope is always there

Their empty hearts now listening, so sublime, sublime, sublime

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