Unsolvable Conjecture

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Have you ever had an odd idea that can neither be proven nor disproven?

Submitted: May 25, 2018

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Submitted: May 25, 2018



"How interesting.  You've teased out a pattern have you?  You've noticed that, all over the world, there have been reports of people with burdens that have driven them to despair suddenly arriving at solutions and having no idea how it happened?

"Ah.  What's driving you crazy is that in these particular cases the person involved invariably mentions that anywhere from a few minutes to an hour seem to have passed without them noticing.

"Sorry for laughing, but it's not every day that I see someone completely stressed out by trying to understand how people inexplicably solve unsolvable problems.

"Maybe seeing this will help...."


"God damn it all to HELL!  It's not working.  It's not gonna work.  What am I gonna do now?"

Throwing their hands in the air, they exclaimed, "Come on God. I could use a little help here!"

Well, finally!  These humans were so slow on the uptake.  They'd been given hints on a fairly regular basis for thousands of years now.  

We were known by various names: Angel, devi, kami, bodhisattva, and many others.  We answer to them all, but among ourselves we call each other "Echoes".  Regardless of what we're called, we can only appear when a human asked for help.  

It can't be one of those selfish "prayers" where they ask for money, success, or even healing for someone who is ill.  It's up to humans to accomplish those things by themselves.  That was why the One Above has given them their intelligence and drive to succeed.

However, a summons like this, where the human was, whether they knew it or not, asking for a bit of friendly advice, was one that could be, and always was answered.

"So, what seems to be the problem."

"Oh, ah, yeah.... Well, there's this problem I have, and I haven't the foggiest notion of where to start to unravel it.  But, if I don't, things are totally gonna fall apart."

(I guess I should mention that when we Echoes appear, the human who calls us temporarily has their emotions muted.  That's for two reasons.  First of all, that way none of them drop dead from shock when they see us.  While it's true that their problems would be solved, at least in a sense, it's also not good to die with regrets.

The other reason is that it's incredibly hard to sort out a problem when you're terrified, extremely angry, and such.)

"I see.  Well, how about this?  Do you remember when your problem first started?  Sometimes it's easier to find the end of a ball of string if you start looking from before things got all tangled up."

They laughed.  "Now that you mention it, I do.  It's really strange. Somehow I'd forgotten how it all began until just now.  What happened was...."

As usual, I listened while they got their memory turned back on and pulled up the little incidents that had lead to this particular mess.  I contributed an occasional, "Uh-huh" and "I see," while they gradually worked out what was going on and figured out several ways that might make things better.

(No!  Of course I didn't offer suggestions.  That's not our purpose.  The sole reason we exist is to let the human we're helping reflect upon their situation and work things out for themselves.  Yes.  That's why we call ourselves Echoes.)

At any rate.  Once they figured out what their options were, I left.  When we leave, we arrange for the humans to forget that we were there.  It wouldn't be good if they started to depend on us instead of learning to master themselves and make their own decisions.  

We do leave one small gift behind though.  The calmness we impose fades away gradually over a period of several hours.  If the human were immediately returned to whatever state of agitation they were in at the beginning, all the work we did would be wasted.

"So, that about wraps it up.  I hope that I've been able to help you with your problem.  Be well."


For some reason I suddenly found myself completely calm.  The nearly overpowering desire to beat my head on the brick wall in front of me was gone.  

Instead of my previous, incredible frustration, the answer to my problem was clear in my mind.  Of course!  It was just a matter of....

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