I was told

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About a middle class south Indian origin girl who was brought up in middle class society of pune who was judged for her origin colour and mannnerism.she was always treated as a escaped convict and
a mocker test for her friends when it comes to her origin.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



"I was told to be conservative ,but I wanted to be bold enough to face the world with a wicked smile".

From a south Indian origin to being born nd brought up in pune a middle class suburban city. I was always pressurized by the patrichal society and covering the flaws of being a girl. Keralait by origin brought up with many cramps which framed me up for being too fair,no typical looks I carry of an south Indian.

At the age of 5 ,I was told to play with soft cotton toys and kitchen sets that would make me look like a sweet girl who loved pink and eat cotton candies. But the muddy legs puddled in dirt and messy hairs made me a stubborn kid with hippie attitude.

The girl on high school catastrophe struggling with teenage hormones with abnoxious questions and bohonomous nature was told to be reserved because that makes me look elegance.

Over restricted for the talk with opposite gender will make you a slut,was one of the highlighted memories of my teenage stereo.

My tiffin chats always turned out to be a idli sambar Mocker session unknown of the fact I was hiding butter stuffed parathas with a smirky smile.

The Loud and flashy girl ,bit gutsy attitude with a blond golden hair gave me labels for not acknowledging my culture at my 20s.

I was told to be constrained in the society were I was brought up, But the power and passion is like a umbilical cord connected to our destiny. The bossy and boisterous nature gave me labels of tom boyish attitude ,but I choosed to slip in my own nature to preserve my identity.

Academic stereos portrayed other degrees as an legacy to bag up green cash in bank lockers ,which had no space for my vision as an aspiring career for girls.

I was told it's not safe, I was told no money no oppurtunity. Held in clutches of "I was told " I freed myself from all these complex society ,were I found my world in legal delicacies.

I was told by the society to to drape six yards of elegance with mirror jerries pleated cover the inelegance, but I choose those mirror jerries as a respect for my culture.

Big glasses ,almond eyes and boisterous nature says "you write" "must have copied" "you don't look a writer" these labels seeped inside my veins and I drip words whenever I refuse to hold my pen.

"I was never told to fight for criticism but to accept their perception and restrict our dreams.

In a world were thousands of thoughts are plagued by orthodox thinkers and conservative stories, I choose to be myself first were my language is not judged by a cup of payasam.

We are stabbed with steroids were firm visions raise many brows but opening a long exit doors to these filth of mediocre traditions will give labels to your origin and roots.

I choose to walk away from such social thinkers were you can inspire thousand stories.

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