Vacation Gone Wrong

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Hope none of this happens to you!

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



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I was on vacation on a remote island named Guam. It’s surprising how life can change within hours of your arrival. Even if you’re traveling, make sure to always listen.


I packed my bags in my room, getting ready for my flight in a few hours. As I packed, I looked at a list for what to pack.

3 t-shirts? Check. 3 pairs of shorts? Check. Socks? Check. Sandals, because why wear tennis shoes? Check. Tennis shoes just in case? Check. PJ’s? Also check!

I was officially done with my packing, and so I got ready to go to the airport with my Dad.

“Dad? I’m ready! Get a move on!” I yelled at my Dad from the bottom of the stairs. I heard my Dad’s footsteps as he walked through the hall from his room. He walked down the stairs and finally met me at the door.

“ You think you can talk to your Dad that way, do you?” Dad asked playfully.”Because I can go ahead and cancel the flight, and we can just stay here.”

“I was kidding!” I exclaimed and jumped on his back.

“Oooooooo! You’re getting too big for this! Get down.”

I jumped off his back, and opened the door.

“Now let’s go. Or we really will have to cancel the flight!” I ran to my Dad’s BMW Roadster, and hopped in the passenger seat. My Dad put our suitcases into the trunk and got into the driver’s seat . Dad started the car, backed out of our driveway, and headed toward the Interstate.

Soon after, we were in line for security. I had to take off my shoes, watch, and take my phone out from my pocket. I walked into the cylinder spinning sensors.

“Put your feet on the footprints and hold up your hands.” The security guard acted like he hated his life as a security guard. The spinner sensors spun around me and beeped the clear. “Okay, you can come through. You’re clear.”

I grabbed my phone, and put back on shoes and watch, and walked out of the way to wait for my Dad. As my Dad walked up to the spinning sensors, he shot me a look to save him, but in a playful way. My Dad soon got out and grabbed his stuff,

“Look out other people! Don’t mess with him!” said my Dad, looking back at the security guard.

“Maybe he should get a new job if he doesn’t like the one he has.” I said sympathetically.

“ Maybe,” Dad replied.

We waited at the gate for a few hours, then our plane finally docked, and we boarded. It was 9 hour flight from LA to Guam. We finally arrived ( 9 hours later) and it was a beautiful place. It was now 7:30 PM, so we decided to go straight to the hotel.

When we got to our hotel, the Westin, we went to our room, and got situated with our beds.

“Turn out the lights, son. Tomorrow we’re taking a hike on a trail at a beach called Ritiddian. There’s a bunch of wildlife, so we need to keep our eyes open the whole time.”  Dad said sleepily, and ironically closed his eyes.


The next morning we went to the lobby to enjoy our breakfast. There were scrambled eggs, sausage, biscuits, and other things that I’ve never seen before.

“After we eat, we head for the hiking trail.” my Dad announced, and started digging in.

We both finished, incredibly full, and went to catch a trolley to Ritiddian.

It took about an hour to get there, because there was a very bumpy road with incredulous potholes. Me and my Dad stepped off the trolley, and looked at a building what looked like a Visitor’s Center.

We headed in that direction, when a big group of bikers passed in front of us.

“Geez, I didn’t know Tour de France took place here!” my Dad said, as he jumped back before getting his foot ran over by most of the bikers.

We continued in the direction we were following, with Dad looking around paranoidly, just incase the bikers came back. Dad held open the door for me, and I walked in, with him behind me.

“Hafa Adai, I’m Ranger Emily!” said a woman who walked up to us.

“Hafa Adai? What does that mean?” I asked curiously.

“It means ‘Hello’,” said the woman.

“Oh. Well then, Hafa Adai.”

“What are you two gentlemen looking for today?” asked the lady.

My Dad got this one. “ Well we’re looking to go on a hike through the caves. Can that be arranged?”

“Oh, certainly! Certainly!” The woman made a gesture to follow her to a tree  standing in the middle of the room. “Before we get on our way, let’s talk about the birds on Guam. Here we have a bat, and one of them was taken to a zoo in Philadelphia. And there is this bird. There is in fact a legend to this bird. The legend is if you--”

“What is that?” I ask, cutting her off and pointing to a picture of a brown snake on a bulletin board. The label on the board was Guam’s Invasive Species.

“Oh, that is our Brown Tree Snake. It has been eating all of our birds, but the birds are coming back. Now, let’s get on with the hike.”  Ranger Emily walked to the door and opened it. She turned her head and smiled. “I hope you brought bug spray!” And continued out the door.


We were in the middle in the jungle when we reached the first cave, and entered it.

“As you can see here, the are hyptographs made by the ancient people of Guam.” Ranger Emily explained, as she pointed her flashlight at a stick figure. “Now let us continue on.”

As I walked out of the ominous cave, I heard a chirping sound. I looked around for the source of the sound, and saw a bird sitting in front of me. It was completely mesmerising to look at.

“I’m staying in here to look at more drawings. You can explore but stay by the cave.” Dad, poking his head out from the entrance.

“Okay,” I replied, almost not hearing him. I walk towards the bird and it flies off. But it’s was just too mesmerising, so I followed. I broke into a run and hopped over tree roots that were in my way. I followed and followed, until I ran into a fence that, unfortunately, did not see. I rubbed my nose, where I collided with the fence. I looked up to see if I could see the bird, but it wasn’t to be seen. That was only because it was perched on a tree stump beyond the fence. I climbed the fence and hopped over.

I felt a sudden sensation, and fell to my knees. I glanced up to see that I was no longer in the open field, but back in the forest. Except, something didn’t feel right. Then I realized what it was. I was smaller. He was trapped between tree roots, shrunken. I jumped up to try and grab the branch, but was too short to grab on the top. I attempted profusely to get to the top, but never reached it. I decided to go sit in one of the dark corners to rerun what just happened.

Followed bird. Jumped over fence. Got here, shrunken between tree roots. It didn’t make any sense. I tried and tried again to reach the top, but failed.  I spotted three small twigs laying down on the ground. I quickly grabbed them, and made a structure to climb on. I put two twigs beside each other, and put the last twig on top.  I mounted myself up onto the prop, and stood up. It was very wobbly, but I managed to keep my balance. I grabbed the top of the root just as the prop fell over. I pulled myself up and looked down to see a pretty decent drop below me. So I sat down and slid down.

“Ah!” I screamed in pain as I landed on my ankle wrong. Can’t think about that now. I think as I’m limping while running, feeling my ankle swelling up. I keep on running and running.

Stomp. Crunch. Stomp. Crunch. I dread to look behind me, but I still turn to see a normal sized person walking towards me. Immediately knowing how ants felt, I ran for cover. It  took shelter under a leaf. As soon as I could no longer hear the thundering footsteps, I ran back on the path I set for. It was approaching night, so I ran even faster. I could see light. I ran to the source, but it was only a lamp on a picnic table. I sighed and walked further along the path.

“So thirsty,” I say, desperately. “So hot.” I see a small little cave and walk into it to cool off. As I’m in there, I heard something. Drip. Drop. Drip. Drop. Water! I run and try to find it. I stop running. Silence. Then I got drenched with water. I looked up, and saw big pointy, rocky spikes jutting out from the top of the cave. There was water dripping from those. I see that there’s another one about to drip water, so I dart to it, stand under it, and opened it as wide it would let me. I could hear the water come whistling down from the spike. It splashed against my face, but I got a big drink out of it.

Satisfied and filled with new energy, I walk out of the cave, to get to the end of the forest, hoping to get out into the open and get spotted. So I run with tremendous speed towards the end of the forest. I see the tree line up ahead and that motivates me to run faster. I reach the end of the trees, but I’m not entirely out of the forest yet. There was a huge, open field I has to cross. Not thinking, I run for the other side. And at that moment, I knew I messed up, because a monitor lizard popped out from within a bush and saw me. It stood there and stared at me for a good, solid two seconds before darting towards me. It must think I’m an ant or bug. I run back for the trees, with the scaley beast behind me. I dive into a Hibiscus bush. The lizard stops in front of the bush and sniffs at it. It must me allergic to Hibiscus, because it sneezed several times before retreating. Making sure the coast was clear, I stopped at every bush along the field, just to make sure nothing was following me or ahead of me. I jumped out of the bush and that’s when I heard the chirp of fury. I looked up, and there was the same bird I had followed, dive-bombing it’s way towards me. I run in fear, running as fast as my miniscule legs could take me. I jumped for the next bush, but too late. I felt a sharp pain around both of my shoulder, and I was getting carried up off the ground. I realized that I was being carried by the once-mesmerising bird, and it was taking me back further into the further into the forest. I looked down, my eyes popping out of my head when I see how high up I was. Then that’s when I was red and blue flashing lights below. So I bit the bird’s foot and it “roared” in pain (because I was small the bird was bigger). It let go of me and I dropped, and dropped, and dropped. Luckily I there were giant leaves there to break the fall, so I just rolled down them tenderly. That’s when I felt the same sensation. I was bigger once again. I got up and ran toward the lights.

“Help!” I yell. I finally emerge from the bushes and police officers point there flashlights on me.

“We found the kid!” yelled one of the policemen. I saw my Dad and he saw me, and he came running over to me.

“ I thought I told you to stay in the area.” Dad said angrily and sad at the same time.

“I did, Dad. I did! All of the sudden there was a bird and then I was shrunken. I tried to escape but I couldn’t.”

“What nonsense are you talking about?” Dad said bewildered.

“What he says is true.” It was Ranger Emily. “I meant to tell you, but there is a legend of one of our birds. It has the ability to shrink a person if the person follows it beyond its borders. So then I hides it among tree roots so no one will find the person. Your son was lucky to escape.”

An ambulance had arrived then. The paramedics came up to me.

“Any injuries that need to be looked at?” they asked.

“Just a swollen ankle, but that’s pretty much it.”

“Okay then, let’s get it fixed up.” And the paramedics walked me to the ambulance.


“Did you have fun?” Dad asked me as we walked through the airport.

“Yeah. Overall it was good. Especially my adventure through the forest.” I replied mischievously.

“Jungle,” Dad corrected.

“Yeah. Jungle. Whatever! But still, it was an adventure.”

I boarded the plane, and then we sat down in our seats. We taxied, hit the runway and took off. I looked out my window to cherish my last glance towards the island. But he did not think the vacation had gone wrong.


© Copyright 2018 Adrian Kim. All rights reserved.

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