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From being trodden down to the very ground, to dying in vain, he has gone through it all. What had went through his mind when being surrounded by such a sadistic environment? Was it his fault? Keep
reading to find out!

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



Momshad Ahmed

 Piggy’s Diary


Monday, 28th of May:

-- : --


Dear Fluffy,


I hope I can confide everything to you, as I haven’t confided anything to anyone, not once.

Dusting the sheets of paper led me through a rollercoaster of memories, which I will forever cherish. You are my most valuable possession, and forever will be. 

It’s been ages since I last wrote to you, but never did I feel such a strong urge to flush out my thoughts in a notebook until today. Well, here it goes.

The moment I’ve yearned for so long. The day has arrived, when I finally get to meet my parents! Isn’t this amazing? I’m the luckiest chap in the world! Not many mothers and fathers are still alive, thanks to that “war” thing. You know what’s the best part? I don’t get to see my aunt for a good two weeks! Thank God! That old hag traumatized me.

My flight today is America bound. I bet it’ll be hella fun to finally meet kids of my own age outside England. These British boys make me sick, always poking my belly and calling me, “Piggy”. What did I ever do to them to deserve this? Will I ever find a good lad, who gives a damn about what I say? Will I ever find someone who enjoys stuff other than bloody pushing me around? Only time will tell.


Sunday, 2nd of May

Dear Fluffy,

It’s bedtime for me now, but I wish it was a bed that I was sleeping on. I’ll tell you what happened.

I was right. I’ve been right all along. It wasn’t the hydraulics, nor was it the pilot, although he was flying the airplane like an absolute maniac. It was a gigantic beam of light, scorching heat, babies crying, propellers bashing, that’s all I can remember. All I wanted was to see my parents for Christmas. That wish, too, has been flushed down the drain, like every other thing I dreamed of.

The good news is, I am still alive to be writing to you. This place is deserted, with only a bunch of creeper things tangled together. I already hate it here! Don’t know how long it’ll take until we get rescued, but I doubt this area is even on the maps. If only I had my Atlas collection, I could have made a new discovery today.  :D

Don’t worry; I’m not going to bother you for long. I made a friend, Fluffy. His name is Ralph. Thought he’d be nice, but ended up making fun of my name, even after I told him not to. He even made fun of my ass-mar! Reminds me of those bloody little pricks I’d gone to school with. I hope he changes; otherwise I’d have to find someone else to be friends with. And I really dunno why he thinks it’ll be fun without grown-ups around. Pfft! We won’t last a day without them. Aunt Betty taught me how to tie my shoelace; I didn’t learn it myself, did I?

I wanted to impress him, so I seized my opportunity and found him a conch shell to call the others in the island. And yet, he shrugs me off. Why does he not like me? Is it because I’m fat? He has to like me. I’m all he has now.


Sunday, 15th of May

-- : --

Dear Fluffy,

I’m really sorry for leaving your pages empty for such a long time. The dust has piled up on your covers again, and I shan’t repeat my mistake.

The biguns finally believe that this is an island, but I had that figured that out a long time ago. But no one seemed to care enough when I told ‘em.  History does repeat itself, doesn’t it? After all, I found the conch. I ought to be treated fairly, better than others in fact.

Here I am, sitting under this palm tree and expressing my sorrows. As I write away, I see a bunch of littluns dipping themselves in water. Should I join them? No..no, Aunt Betty would be furious, and it would worsen my ass-mar.

I’m going to keep my thoughts short and sweet today. Gonna have to take care of the fire now that Jack isn’t around to help. I really don’t understand what he thinks of himself. Who gave him the right to break the rules and go off hunting with his cute little choir group? They had one job, and that is to keep the fire running. We could have been saved by the passing ship today, for god’s sake, if only Jack’s group didn’t ignore our only chance at getting rescued. I wonder how Ralph is keeping his cool, because if I was chief, I’d knock the living daylights out of that kid, period.

I get all the more reasons to beat him up, now that he broke my lenses to set fire and cook that pig he brought in, without even letting me have a bite! Mom taught me not to fight, so I kept my calm. Harder than I thought it would be. I guess I’ll just help myself to some seaweed that’s lying around. I just want Aunt Betty to take me from this mess and cook me beef stew, that’s all.

I’m going to try and find something to eat now. Will talk later, Fluffy.


5th of June

-- : --

Oh my dear, Fluffy.

Where have I ended up in?  When will this madness end?

After a lot of scribbling, I have been able to put my thoughts of the past few days into words. Writing away, it feels as my words are lost with my vision, thanks to that prick Jack for stealing my glasses. 

Our little “civilization” is back to where it started from, with just me and Ralph. HAHAHAHA! Now he understands how important I am. He wouldn’t last a day without me by his side. But now we’re weak, with all the biguns on Jack’s side. We couldn’t do anything when Jack’s group raided our village. When they were coming in, I swallowed the urge to laugh. They all look so funny now, with the tribal marks all over their bodies!

But enough is enough. We ought to teach ‘em a lesson. That’s why we’ve decided to go to their base in Castle Rock and settle things. I better take the conch with me. If anything can establish order, it is the conch. Hope it works.







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