As beautiful, as the moon

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The story follows a boy and a girl of the same age. Both of them have a complex past. Both have complex emotions. The girl is famous, popular, well respected at their school. The boy is a nobody.
Read this story of a boy and girl, who are mirror opposites of each other, and watch them develop their relationship with each other and the others about them, in this light hearting, full of
emotions, novel!

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Sun and moon

Submitted: May 26, 2018

So, this guy's, is the first chapter! I really hope that you enjoy! Please, If you like it, then please give a review. I would really appreciate it!
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Distorted Emotions

Submitted: May 28, 2018

Hey! Guys! Hope you enjoyed the last chapter! And, I also hope that will also enjoy this chapter as well! Please leave a like and comment!
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Yin and Yang

Submitted: May 30, 2018

Hhmm, this one may be a little short. But, please do look forward to the up coming chapters!
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Morning Routine

Submitted: June 01, 2018

(AUTHOR'S NOTE : Hey! Wassup!? Hope you are having fun. Thank you so, so much for going out of way and spending your time reading my book... Read Chapter


Submitted: June 22, 2018

(AUTHOR'S NOTE : Sssssoooooo............yeah. Apparently, calling the boy, "the boy", isn't working out anymore. In a short  story, ... Read Chapter

Rainy Day

Submitted: July 30, 2018

Hello, dear reader, I apologize from the bottom of my heart, for the delay. But, exams came came up, and I don't think there's any need for me to tell you what happens during exams. So, I don't
have much to say. Thank you, so so much my lovely friend, Simran Kaur for being a huge help in the making of this chapter. Thank you, for being my editor (kind of?), for always helping me out, for
always answering my silly questions, for always supporting me whenever, I thought, I just couldn't do it anymore. Seriously, I know you're reading this, and all this might seem a little cheesy but,
these are just my honest to heart thoughts. Your support really really, means the world to me. Just knowing that there's someone out there, waiting so eagerly for new chapters, it just keeps me
going, even through the darkest times. I just couldn't have finished this chapter without you.
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Animal lover

Submitted: August 05, 2018

Hello, dear reader. How are you? I really, really hope you're doing well. There's nothing much going on here my side. Except school *sigh*, and I don't think, I need to explain how stressful school
can be come some times. So, don't have much to say.

My biggest thanks, to Devika Sood, for spending her precious time in reading my novel and even sending me feedback! Thank you, Devika.
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All Alone Dancing in the Rain

Submitted: August 15, 2018

Hello, my most beloved reader, please accept my humble greetings. I hope everything is going on perfectly fine, at your end. I hope you’re in great health. First, of all I must thank you for giving
me a chance and reading this book of mine. Nothing honours me more. If, you’re still reading then, it means that you’re interested in my book. So, why don’t we have a little heart-to-heart about
it? You see, after 8 chapters, I am a little bored. Bored of Aisha and Adam, to be honest. So, I am thinking about switching up the things a bit. Oh, I guess I forgot to tell you that this book’s
main cast 30 main characters. You’ve already met at least 3 of them. So, how about, I introduce the others to you. So, therefore the next chapter will be the last chapter concerning Adam and Aisha,
until I feel like writing about them again. But, trust me, you will love the new characters, they are my favourite at least. So, I hope you’ll give your opinion about this little experiment of
mine. And always my deepest thanks to all my readers who gave their precious time and always send me their feedback. THANK YOU SO, SO, SO MUCH! To – Simran Kaur, Arsh Kapoor, Devika Sood, Aaushi
Gupta, Udayveer Singh, Sana Bhalla, Jasnoor kaur, beingcasual125 (instagram ID), _suicidal_girl_2100 (instagram ID), otakuemo0827 (instagram ID), (instagram ID), and mr_anime.__man
(instagram ID).
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Fears with ice cream

Submitted: September 25, 2018

Hello, my lovely reader. It’s been a while hasn’t it? Nearly a month, I suppose. I know, I’m late, very, very late. But what can, I do? Exams were here, right at my door trying to kill me as hard
they possibly could. But, I survived. Now, I am free for at least a month or two. So now, here, I am, with the ninth chapter of my little novel. You might have even forgotten me, I don’t blame you
though. Anyways, even during exams, I still had a little bit if free time. And, I used that time in writing POEMS!!! I can proudly say that I have written 11 poems up till now. I’ll be
incorporating them in the novel as well, so that you can enjoy both, a good story and some sweet poems. In this chapter you’ll get to know more about Adam’s parents. This chapter is longest one yet
because I’m really tired of writing this part of the story. I know that, all this might be a little boring but trust me you need to read all of this before we go any further in the story. This
chapter mainly has the background stuff, which is important, as reading this will help you to connect with the characters, which is important in any story. I always do my best to make the
characters as relatable to real life as possible, even though this is a fictional novel. If, you remember in the beginning of the previous chapter I said that this would be the last chapter
concerning Aisha and Adam’s storyline, and I would be introducing a new storyline in the novel. But, I am sorry don’t kill me. This will the second last chapter concerning their story line. I know
I am not staying true to my word. But, cut me some slack damn it! I have started writing regularly now, so the next chapter should be out by the coming Sunday. So, chill.

Ah, I am really, really tired. Welp, that’s all, I gotta say for now at least. As always, I’m all open for criticism, if you think I have made a mistake anywhere, or you have any sort of suggestion
you can just write them down in the comment section below. Or even better, you can contact me through instagram direct messages. My instagram id is : bhupinder_1733 , you can text me anytime you
want and for any reason you literally feel like. I am a good listener. So, that’s all, I wish to say for now, be happy, be yourself, keep talking, and enjoy life to its fullest. That’s me your
friend Bhupinder Kumar signing off for now. I will talk to you soon. Have a great day!

Alright, Alright before you go and enjoy the chapter I just wanna say this : THIS NOVEL IS A WORK OF PURE FICTION!!!! IF, BY ANY CHANCE YOU, OR ANYONE OF YOU’RE FAMILY MEMBER OR ANYONE DEAD SHARES
AHEAD AND THROW YOURSELF OFF A CLIFF. I recently had one my most beloved reader complain to me about, that she shared the same name as one of the main characters, and she wanted me to change the
name of that particular character and, I responded with “GO THROW YOURSELF OFF A DAMN CLIFF.” Look, I am all open for criticism but not for this kind of nonsense, alright. Ok, maybe all that was a
bit rude of me but, in my defence 1) This is the most ridiculous thing to get offended by. How the skiddle daddle hell, can some get offended if someone is using their name for a fictional
character? 2) I am super duper jiggle biggle annoyed because, I lost her as one of my readers. 3) It’s, like 4:03 am right now. My fingers are hurting AF. 4) I have drunk like 5 cups of coffee and
my caffeine level is over 9000, right now.
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Mysterious Personalties

Submitted: October 23, 2018

Hi, my name is Aisha Ackkermen. You might already know me. Bhupinder is um, he’s actually sleeping. He had his class tests because of which he barely got any time to write, so he’s been writing
non-stop from a couple of days. So let’s give the guy a little rest. Therefore, instead of him, I’ll be talking to you today. Hhmm, I actually have a lot to say. But, Bhupinder told me keep this
short and quick, “A note from an author should always be brief, so that the readers can enjoy the actual novel.”, is what he says. But you just look at him! The last chapter’s author’s note was at
least seven hundred words long! I just read this chapter aannnnnddd, he can’t even stay true to his word! This is not the last chapter about Adam and me! He’s so irresponsible! He has no sense of
time management. Idiot. But, okay in his defence, he’s a good guy. He’s kinda hard to understand. But, you know we’re all kinda different. He’s not that talkative, but OH BOY! Give him a topic that
interests him and that guy will not shut up! He is always talking and thinking about YOU. He’s constantly writing in a little notebook, I wonder what he writes in it. He never lets me read it. But,
he might let you read it! Sometimes, it feels like he’s really hard to talk to. He’s always worried about something or the other. You know, he’s really thankful to you. Oh that, reminds me he told
me too thank his….um, “most beloved readers” (as he likes to say it). So thank you so, much to – Arsh Kapoor, Devika Sood and Aaushi Gupta. Seriously, you guys have no idea how much your words
supports him. Like, I’ve seen him. He’s that kind of a guy, like if you just praise him a little he’ll start blushing like newlywed bride. Well, c’mon let’s talk about this chapter, in today’s
chapters you’ll get to know more about my favourite character – Monika and you’ll be introduced new characters too! Well, that’s kinda it for this chapter. Hhmm, according to Bhupinder, all the
chapters including this one and all the previous were all, the ‘world building chapters’. He said from this chapter onwards the real fun will begin. So, I guess be sure to look forward for the
upcoming chapters. If you remember, Adam’s mother sang a little song in the last chapter and its text arrangement was a little weird. Well, it was not his fault but booksie’s fault. So, he might
need to find a new website to upload this novel on. He actually wanted to write 3 poems in this chapter only. But, he got a little worried about the text arrangement. Adam told me that text
arrangement is very important in a poem. But, eh, I don’t know. I have read those poems and I feel they are amazing. Oh and he’s thinking about uploading this novel on another website, well he
would have uploaded this chapter on different website as well. But……well um, before uploading all the chapters he decided to go through everything he has written. Well, after reading all the
chapters, he kinda went into depression. He said he’ll be editing everything, before writing the new storyline. So, it might take him a bit to upload the next chapter. Please forgive him for doing
that. But, of course! I will be making sure he writes as fast as he possible can. OH! And on 2nd October was Bhupinder’s birthday. I even gave him a hand written card but the bastard just circled
my grammatical mistakes with a red pen and has told me to write it all over again! Guess, I’ll get on that now. So, that was me, Aisha Ackkermen keep shining and keep smiling and thank you so, much
for reading As Beautiful as the Moon.
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