Game Of Survival

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Hey, this is my first time writing something like this so I apolagize for any mistakes. I hope you like this story :) Author, Mary Daniel

Chapter 1 (v.1) - Chapter 1

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



"Hello everyone, my name is Lee Huzuki and today...No it's shit" I sighed after 9th attempt of filming vlog. Why is it so hard!? Am I doing something wrong? I guess so...but what?

Already for a month I am trying to start my own vlogging channel but I fail every time. I seem to do everything right but nothing works out. I just want to be popular! I want people to recognize me on streets and clasmates to finally notice me. But maybe it's just not for me.

"LEE IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL" I heard my mom saying from downstairs. Agh school again. I picked up my bag and went to kitchen where mom was in.

"Hey mom. Bye mom" I said and left to school.

Every vlogger has his own types of videos. Some are showing off their make up, others make blogs about their holidays. But...what I am going to do in my vlogs? That's it! That's the problem! I don't have any subject for my vlogs. I need to think of something...but my mind is completely blank. Maybe I should ask for someones opinion? I will ask some girl from class. Most important thing is for girls to like my videos. Okay, great we are getting somewhere finally

I entered class and got in my usual seat between Lucy. Others feel pretty uncomfortable around her. Because of her strange behavior I guess. She is beautiful girl, I need to admit, but she is kind of weird. That's not a big surprise because she was in mental hospital for a half year.

After thinking for a while I decided to ask her. She is just a usual girl after all. And I am not brave enough to talk to other girls. Okay, let's do it.

"Uhm...hey Lucy" I tried to start conversation as nice and confident as I could. Only thing she did was glared on me. No answer at all.

"So I want to ask for your opinion. It's nothing special but yeah..." I looked at her hoping to hear answer finally.

"What is it?" She asked without even looking at me. Well at least some progress.

"I want to make a vlog but I have no clue what to film videos about. Do you perhaps have any ideas?" Her eyes met mine and I realized this is the first time we actually have an eye contact. Her eyes were so...dark

"No, I don't" She said and looked back at her notebook.

"Oh uh...I would really appreciate if you would suggest anything at all. Please."

"You can try out abounded places maybe. As I said I don't know" How the hell didn't I think of this before!? Abounded places...that's perfect! Except I don't really know any of them so I guess I'll have to ask her again.

"Thanks, that is great idea. Do you perhaps know any? Around Tokyo of course" She stayed quiet for some time and I started to think she will not answer at all.

"Are you afraid of death?" She looked at me with a serious looking face.

What the actual fuck? How does my blog filming includes death? Okay, I totally get now why everyone thinks she is a weirdo.

"Uhm not really I guess. Why tho?" I won't be surprised if she thinks ghosts will eat my soul or something.

"Okay, good. You can go to abounded and haunted school then. Every one who ever goes inside it, never comes back. But I think your subscribers would like it" Evil grin appeared on her face.

Does she really think I will believe it? Ha! Never. She can fool around someone else, not me. I'll just go to that "scarry" place and film my blog.

"Where is it at?" There are many abounded schools around Tokyo so I need to know which one excacly she is talking about.

"In forest. Just search it up on Google. I am not going to tell your way to death." She picked up her stuff and left the classroom. She is one very strange girl... But not like I really believe anything she says. She has watched too many horror movies, that's it.

After I was done with school I went home and searched up for that school on google. There are actually many reports about missing people, who went to that school and never came back. I'll just hope that luck will be on my side.

I looked through random shit and noticed popular online game show up.

It's called "YES OR NO". Rules are pretty simple, you decide someone's fate by simply clicking yes or no button. And if most of people vote yes, then in next day they post video of doing those things on some person. It's all fake of course.

This game is getting more and more popular, around teens especially. I quite enjoy it as well actually. So what todays question is...?

"Should we let Diqa (our lovely and hungry canibal girl) have some taste of Hikyushi's body? It would be fun to see her eat his hand or leg, right?"

____ 98% YES vs 2% NO____

I pressed yes as well. We have seen Diqa in action many times. She is so crazy. Nothing can stop her from eating you alive.

As far as I know, everyone in this game are "mentaly ill" and that makes everything even more interesting. Every one of victims have their own interesting personality and miserable adventures. Some even die. But that's not a big deal after all. It's just a game with actors.

I decided to go to that abounded school this night. It will be scarier and more interesting to film it in dark.

Maybe I'll be lucky and find something interesting there. I'll be so popular then. Okay, less talking, more doing.

I took my camera and backpack with flashlight, water and some food if I get hungry. I jumped out of window so my mom wouldn't notice me leaving and went straight way to the abounded school.

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