Void Called Laurel

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Laurel has an out of body experience.

Laurel from the US messaged and inspired me for this story. It was challenging to make it with so little information, especially since Laurel would not even give me their gender. :P But I came up
with something and hopefully you guys like it.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



It floated in outer space and observed the planet Earth, how it rotated around its axis. It was slow and calming, the stars all around making the vision even more beautiful. Out here there were not just stars as you see them in the sky. There were galaxies visible, and space was endless in all directions. If you were afraid of huge places, this would be your nightmare. If you were afraid of falling, you would be uncomfortable. But there was nowhere to fall. You could only float forever. And ever.

Far in the distance there was the Sun, but it was blinding, so our observer avoided looking at it. Its eyes were fixed on Earth … It's shaping … All its properties … All its beauty … And all its problems.

The vision of our observer kept changing from clear to foggy. It had to close its eyes and focus every time it became blurry. However, nothing about this was uncomfortable. It was just so relaxing. Not worrying about anything except getting away and watching the Earth from a distance was incredibly beautiful.

“Is this my planet? Can I change it?”

A long distance away there was Venus. But it was too far away.

“Yes. Earth is the planet I belong to.”

Its vision became blurry again, so it closed its eyes.

“I’m not ready to go back … Why do I have to go back? I want to stay here forever.”

It looked down upon itself and came to a shocking realization. There were no arms … No legs … No body …

“I am nothing more than a part of the nothing which is surrounding me. Space is huge and I am just a tiny bit of its void. I am a floating ball of energy. I left Earth to escape my problems. I don’t even remember who the person that I occupied was. But it is not my fault that I’m out here. Whoever had me inside of them, sent me out here. They could not deal with their problems so they let me go. And now I am separated from them, all alone here in space. Unable to make the connection again.”

The thought of being released like that was saddening. Its vision became blurry, so it closed its eyes again … Were they even eyes, since there was no body? Well, there was something with which it was able to observe. So they had to be eyes. But they were blurry and unfocused eyes.

“What do I do now, abandoned out here? It is a nice feeling, but it is lonely.”

Its vision became foggy again. Earth was a big round blurry sphere. It blinked many times but the vision got worse and worse.

“What’s happening …?”

Darkness took over, and our observer slowly disappeared.


The eyes fluttered open again. The vision was still foggy, but the light and the atmosphere was different. There was a window with closed shades on the left. And a simple bedroom door on the right.

There was a feeling of a heartbeat. Slowly the feeling spread all over the body and arms were felt … And legs …

“Who am I? Where am I?”

Focus. Focus.

“Okay. The memory is starting to come back … Let’s start from the beginning. What is my name?”


“Laurel? Of course. It was just a bad dream. A dream in which my soul left my body and went on wondering in space.”

Laurel got into a sitting position and took a deep breath.

“Now that I know who I am and where I am … Let’s start dealing with my problems.”


The End

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