What Happened to This Bully part 2

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The bully from part one suffered major prolonged emotional low due to his being defeated by the twig boy in part 1. him fanning the fire of the conflict leads to the second fight.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



For a time, the bully was defeated, but as days drew into weeks it became clear that the bully was far more than simply defeated, some said that he was sinking into gloom, depression, and the felling of self-worthlessness. Not everyone would guess that it was triggered by his defeat at the hands of the human twig. Though the bully liked to fight, he was known to not be the best at winning those fights, besides, he was stunned and taken by surprise by the twig, it wasn’t a fair fight, or even resembling one, but somewhere deep in his mind was a massive ego failure that could only be triggered by a defeat at the hands of the human twig.

For a bit even the friends of the bully didn’t take it too seriously, but it drew out way too long, way too severe. Calls of ‘what’s wrong with you bro’ and ‘get over it bro’ were not uncommonly heard, when these showed to be ineffective, the bullies friends took it more seriously, they were set to beat the guy who had beaten him and his friends, but first, they had their friends’ testimony, they wouldn’t take it that the bullies depression was simply because of his loss at the pasta like arms of the human twig. They started asking question about the twig, his friends, the whole Kumar faction. And the bully answered, he answered very well, as he had spent weeks developing appalling, yet convincing lies about the whole Kumar faction, the Kishore branch, the twig guy especially, and his friends heard, they plotted revenge.

The twig guy’s friends were wise. They knew that the bully’s friends were gonna try to exact revenge on them, especially with the fact that the bully hadn’t gotten over his defeat, and they made their counterplan, which they hid from the other group.  

In a few days, the two plans first intersected. The bully’s friends were seen looking for the twig boy, and at nearly the same time, the Kishore group was looking for the bully to do their open dual with the twig boy. Neither the bully, nor the twig boy were present that day, and the bully’s group decided on the simple revenge prank of stealing the twig boys lunch, which was just as absent as the boy, they made the mistake of taking Kirti Kishore’s lunch, I say it was a mistake as, even though they got away with it then, it was stupid to risk getting injured in a fight with the basher Kirti Kishore in the first place.

The second time was when the plans really intersected. Both sides had people from there side tell the other party their plans, they agreed on an armed fight in the cafeteria. The bullies side wanted the bully to finally beat the human twig, but the human twig’s friends said that was unfair, they also had heard of Kirti’s lunch getting stolen simply because the bully’s friends couldn’t find the twig on the day they planned to take revenge on him. That resulted in a brief suggestion that Kirti could fight the bully, but it was well known that the bully was no match for Kirti. The bullies side had another guy who they deemed to be an equal match for Kirti Kishore, known as Pankaj, and the two parties agreed to stage a two on two fight. Pankaj and the bully on one side and Kirti and the human twig on the other. Unlike most planned brawls in their school, none of the fighters were allowed to get their own weapons from home and were thus pre-checked for weapons before the fight, each side being checked by the other side. As neither would trust the other party to check their own.

 The fight started, it was decided that improvised weapons including the schools ever popular chairs were completely acceptable to use, and thus the two on two contest started.

First were the introductions

Description of each fighter:

Kishore side:

Twig boy: said to be the weakest boy in the upper grades 4’10 and very thin, known to fail in nearly all athletic activities. However, like the other kids in brawler school, he knows how to fight.

Kirti Kishore: 5’3 with fast reflexes and thick build for his age. Reflexes were honed through years of playing sports. He prefers to defeat his opponents by wearing them down with blows throughout the body and then submitting them by repeated blows to the head or abdomen, whichever is weaker. A southpaw with a high tolerance and can take a lot of damage. Prefers blunt weapons or knuckledusters. Dislikes sharp weapons as they are generally incompatible with his fighting style.

Bully side:

Bully: a below average fighter, but ready to pick on others to boost his fragile ego. Fragile ego seems to be a recent phenomenon as he had never bullied anyone in the past. This may also be due to the fact that there is no one else vulnerable in this school. He stands at 5’5 and 55kgs. A lazy underachiever, he is the worst player of the school soccer team and was recently rejected from the Kabaddi team. Featuring a soft body that is unusual here as he is kinda thin, he can nevertheless still fight, yet little is known of his true style.

Pankaj Dhare: Claimed to be nearly an equal of Kirti Kishore. Standing in at 5’7 and 62kgs. He’s more skilled with chairs than he should be, and also has the obvious size advantage over Kirti, and is known for his skill at solid cheap shots and planted fighting stance. Yet according to past fights he apparently doesn’t have as much pain tolerance as Kirti and is significantly inferior to him in the reactive reflexes and adaptive movement departments.

 The fight was scheduled to be in the cafeteria at the beginning of the lunch break. That was good, as it allowed the clever and interesting use of the cafeteria environment and chairs, as well as a large, excited audience of bystanders. There would also be no chance of the fight being prematurely stopped. Both sides were informed.

 The 4 kids gathered in the 3rd bench of the cafeteria, the middle bench was reserved for a fight deemed to be a higher order then theirs, the sides were for petty scuffles. All were checked for commonly concealed weapons. It was expected that at least 1 guy would attempt to conceal some weapon or so, and to everyone’s surprise, no one did. Then again, the dishonour that would bring would be as bad as loosing for either side, if not more.

 Crowds of people gathered in the cafeteria as the fighters got in position, Kirti and twig boy were in front of Pankaj and the bully respectively. All being a few feet away from their teammate and arms-length from their opponent. It seemed a bit too long till the word ‘go’ was finally heard.

   The expectation of each boy fighting only their respective partner was too good to be true. Instead, both Pankaj as the bully immediately swooped onto Kirti Kishore, ignoring the twig boy completely, as they had clearly decided that Kirti was much stronger and needed to be taken out first. Along with the fact that the bully had convinced all his friends including himself that he was tougher than before and twig boy couldn’t possibly hurt him. Pankaj picked up the nearest chair and swung it at Kirti’s temple, and the bully picked up the opposite chair right after and swung it as his flank. Kirti simultaneously picked up his own chair and managed to swerve his head away from the head swing of Pankaj, while the bully’s flank shot hit with near full force as it was ever so slightly deflected by Kirti’s elbow. Kirti was unfazed and tried to finish the pain sensitive Pankaj by stepping in and swinging at his neck, but Pankaj blocked the chair, which let the bully think he had another chance at a good swing against Kirti, but just then twig boy stepped in. He strode towards the former bully and swung a chair by the back so its legs slid into the back of the bully’s chair, then almost simultaneously turning his chair inward locking his opponents chair in place. Without hesitation, he used the locked chairs as a chain to help propel his forward jump kick towards the bully, hitting the bully’s jaw with full force by his lower shin. The bully was forced to let go of both chairs in his futile attempt to block the kick, as the blow almost knocked out the bully’s side teeth, stunning him for more than enough time for the twig boy to get to his side and dresser dump the bully onto the table. Away from Kirti and Pankaj, who were still in the middle of a full-on chair brawl. Twig boy attempted to finish the bully by a karate chop to his throat, but his arms prevented the blow from hitting near its full force. In the split moment, twig boy realized his mistake, he should have mounted the bully, as the bully rose up he got a second chance to mount and thus grabbed the bully by the hair and started pounding the bullies back with his knees. The bully managed to grab one of twig boy’s knees and tried to bend his knee backwards using his weight to assist, this hurt the twig boy and he let go of the bully’s hair and desperately punched the bully on the side of his neck, momentarily stunning him, but not enough to release the hold on his leg. Thus, when he failed to escape the leglock, he simply choke-held his neck as hard as he could. The bully was much stronger than twig boy and muscled out of the chokehold as he threw him onto the next table, (tried to, the surrounding people threw him back).

Twig boy didn’t for a second want to face the much bigger bully unarmed, he picked up the closest chair there was and held back the urge to swing straight at the bully, instead waiting for a counter. The bully picked up his own chair, deciding to uppercut swing at twig boy’s twig like wrist to disarm him. Twig boy twisted his chair towards himself to reduce the bully’s disarming blow to one that clanged and slid off his chair and bought him time to hit the bully on the floating ribs of his right side. The bully was hurt, but hardly noticed due to his surging adrenalin. He closed in on the twig boy, pushing his chair down and then catching and pulling the chair away from him. This time, twig boy’s own chair was what prevented any possible attempt at a kick to the upper body, and any attempt at a lower body kick would have put him off balance and down immediately. When twig was disarmed he simply shoved him onto the table on his left side as twig boy absorbed the impact with his forearms, the bully was about to grab him from behind and slam him into the table repeatedly, but just then, Kirti caught his neck.

Fortunately for Kirti, the pain sensitive Pankaj Dhare hadn’t improved his pain tolerance much for his fight, and Kirti had hit him with one too many good blows before outgrappleing and submitting him. It had given him enough time to go after the bully, he hastily tried to submit him by multiple blows to the head as he held his neck, he didn’t have much time before Pankaj came back to his senses and hit him again, this time on the back of his neck, briefly stunning him and allowing Pankaj to attempt to grapple him into submission, but Kirti was a stronger grappler, and he regained his senses, Pankaj found it incredibly difficult to keep control of him. The opponent who for a brief minute he thought he had defeated.

 As the bully was held in place by Kirti the twig boy took advantage, side kicking the bully’s abdomen as he turned towards him as he braced himself on the desk, his next blow slammed into the bully’s nose, and in a third he kicked him in what he thought was his solar plexus as Pankaj simultaneously stunned Kirti with a solid but slightly off target blow to the neck.

Being light as a cracker, his hardcore blows didn’t wear down the bully as much as if they were done by a normal person, but by now the effect was starting to show. The bully was as tad slowed by the damage from the twig’s solid strikes, and he wasn’t able to catch the twig as he swerved away from him and the table the bully had intended on pushing him onto moments ago. Backing away from the bully, but just so that the bully would keep pursuing him. He had backed several feet when he noticed a recent spill in his path and stopped right there. Letting the bully come up to him, or so he thought, but the bully saw the same hazard he did. His trap failed for the time being, and the bully quite his pursuit, it was then that he walked into a few people at the adjacent lunch table, they were watching the fight the whole time along and pushed twig back into the fight, but the boy that pushed him in was secretly on the twig boys side, he threw water from his opened canteen right where the bully was standing. The twig surveyed the new spill, walking around it to a place it didn’t cover, and catching the bully of guard right on time, when the bully stepped off his stance, he caught him with a perfect leg kick as he simultaneously punched him backwards, making him land hard on the ground, and the twig boy jumped on him as he was falling, grabbing his hair with both hands, causing him to land hard on the back of his head, the bully was out, and he quite as he saw people circled around him to check if he was OK. Now it was time for twig boy to help his partner Kirti.

The fight between Kirti and Pankaj had gone nearly has expected. A large group of people watching in a circle the epic duel of Kirti’s strength, tenacity and reflexes against Pankaj’s height, reach and skill. Kirti had expectedly taken more damage than Pankaj, but it didn’t affect him as much, and a couple more solid hits from Kirti by a chair would either take him out, make him quiet, or both. Pankaj was a skilled chair fighter, but Kirti’s reflexes had greatly reduced his success against Kirti. He wasn’t as damaged as some people expected. Still the fight in general had dragged longer than an ordinary armed brawl. Both being cautious and avoiding most of each other’s blows, Kirti with his reflexes, and Pankaj with his skill. The bully had already been knocked out and woken into submission, he was out. And everyone wanted and expected the fight between Kirti and Pankaj to go somewhere, but no one including twig boy were sure it was. The human twig did what he thought was right, he stepped towards the fight to help Kirti, but the circle of people stopped him, they wanted to watch the epic one on one chair duel, and didn’t want unfair help from anyone else, including the not out teammates, for a moment twig boy thought of letting the fight go as it was, then he remembered, the rules of the fight, the fact that he was his teammate, that it was totally legal for two people to pile on one, they were doing in in the beginning. He circled the crowd till he got to a place where they let him into the fight, and ran in to help Kirti, he thought he could sneak behind Pankaj and take him by surprise, but sure enough, the crowd gave away his presence.

Twig showed no fear, he loudly announced his presence, boasting about taking out the bully, and Kirti took the split-second advantage he gained form Pankaj’s distraction and stunned him out with one swift upward angled swoop of his folded chair at his jaw. Pankaj bent onto his knees as Twig pushed him and Kirti grappled him into his place on the ground, and as Kirti skilfully manhandled his upper body, the twig lifted his feet off the ground to ensure that he didn’t get up, and together they lifted him up onto their heads as they started swaying him, arousing his instinctive fear of falling as they taunted “If you think of moving, we will smash you into the ground so hard that never rise again, and we aren’t afraid to do it. Pankaj screamed at them to stop right there. Both of the fighters on his side were now defeated.

The bully and Pankaj, who expected victory and victory, got out with a concussion and skull fracture, and embarrassing defeat respectively. Their already shaky reputation as fighters would go down who knew how far, and the bully ended up hospitalised for his ego. Twig boy’s unexpected second victory had consequences. He had a police complaint made against him for injuring another student but got off with a warning as always. The bully presumably learned a lesson about choosing ego over logic and consideration, presumably, and the twig started to be noticed by the girls, most of which admired a guy who could fight, and the student body in general. His victory got more publicity than expected due to the bully’s hospitalisation and the police complaint on his head, along with the corresponding greater than expected rise in social status. The bully would presumably stop harassing the new kid from the flower child school when he got back from the hospital, and his friends might finally be convinced that the bully’s slander of his rivals was just that, slander.


Yet the story was not over.


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