Aka no Sora

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“Hearts that look up to the sky. No one would have thought It could happen, but here we are. I will have to explain how this all happened to be” … “In a vast world ... Heroes are a common thing …
they roam worlds in the universe and not just one, but many … Almost infinite possibilities to explore and live your life in an epic adventure … but not everyone has that luxury … there is a group
of people, the factions, who are able to travel between these worlds, but only they can … they can’t take anyone, leaving many behind, they seek a new world to explore and settle on” … “These
Factions are exactly what they sound like. Harsh rules and strict guilds. Only a certain person can join a faction, depending on skill, goal and appearance. These guidelines are what keeps some of
the travelers out, because they do not fill any requirements … They become renegades … We call them the “Lost” …”

This was originally in pdf format, so any who wants it in pdf format, should just email me: Cosmokromer@yahoo.com Original Story by Cosmo Kromer. Pictures in the pdf format are not owned by the
author and can be removed or replaced.

Table of Contents

Infinite Warfare Prologue

Submitted: May 26, 2018

We start off in a rather modern part of the city ... A small shop … not much left … dust and sand everywhere … (you can see bags and cans lying around the shop) … This is a typical example for a
deserted shop … but there is something left in secret here … a few survivors … scattered around in the shop … sleeping or just staring at what seems to be nothing … Suddenly loud footsteps …
Someone pulls back a curtain and walks into the room … “There’s nothing left … just a couple of bags and some waste” he says as he sits down. “Well … what did you expect? Supplies for a group like
ours?” … Silence for a few minutes … “We should head downtown … maybe there are other survivors there …”, “No way man … Everyone’s dead … we should just give up …”
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Infinite Warfare Chapter One

Submitted: May 26, 2018

Only darkness fills the room as she tries to open her eyes … Then a light … Somebody was knocking on a door … Then it opened. “Get up. The commander wants to speak with you” She got up as if she
was forced, but she obeyed, because she didn’t know what was happening and wanted an explanation.
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Infinite Warfare Chapter Two

Submitted: May 26, 2018

“Dust and Ashes fall. Covering the Fallen ones. Eyes wide open now.” - From the distance a voice … Impossible to understand, but it’s getting louder … For the moment only darkness fills the room,
but something is happening … It sounds like something is moving debris … Cool air starts to fill the surroundings. And then a realization …
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Infinite Warfare Chapter Three

Submitted: May 26, 2018

“White peaks and towers scratch the clouds as the evening sunlight breaks the shadows and gives the white a tone of yellow. All sorts of birds and other elegant creatures of all shapes and sizes
roam the skies. A song of peace and harmony sounds very quietly in the evening atmosphere and the sweet scent of fresh flowers and cool air fills any area in sight. People are walking around in
very exquisite and highly elegant robes and dresses. A vibe of extreme nobility phases through the streets. Everywhere you look, there are faces and outlines, abilities and weapons, books and
banners, which promise so much information, all to be told by the person wearing it. So rich of individual story and fantasy. This is truly Paradise.”
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Infinite Warfare Chapter Four planning

Submitted: May 26, 2018

This is a planning chapter. A work in progress. Anyone who wants to interact, may do so now.
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