The Masturbator

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Horror.Humour. Short Story. Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



The Masturbator


  I couldn't stop it, I went blind. It was an addiction, I did it again 

and again, and now I'm blind! And still a virgin! Everytime I saw a 

woman...I couldn't help it...And now I'm stuck in this blind blackness,

not able to see anything...I'll never see a woman again, I should've

cut my hands off...

  But what's that I hear? It sounds like someone's in my bedroom

with me, I hear a quiet footstep approach my bed. I feel warm breath

on my face, I feel a kiss upon my cheek, then soft flesh against my


  It's a woman! I feel her flesh against mine as she removes my

clothes, as she straddles my body, as she rides me to climax

again and again! I have never felt this intensity of pleasure before!

I finally collape on my bed holding her against my sated body.

  And then she her sensuous fingers begin to massage my blind

eyes, over and over again, and it's a miracle, I begin to see a 

glimpse of light, till the glimpse of light becomes larger and larger,

and I can see again!

  I can see her beautiful silent face, and I try to move towards her to

kiss her again in thanks that I can see again, but I can't move,

I see she has no hair, no hair at all, but she is not bald! No her head

is covered with snakes, and I cannot move for I am stone!


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