Surprise at the Class of 68 Reunion

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Amber has been helping her step sister boyfriend set up the perfect setting for him to propose. She is unaware that he is planning a set up of his own.

Submitted: May 26, 2018

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Submitted: May 26, 2018



Korey Hunter was sitting in the Morning Cafe looking at an engagement ring he had bought for his girlfriend Amber Foster. His friend Jason Clark came into the restaurant. “Hey, man, what are you doing?” asked Jason sitting down beside Korey. “I bought this for  Amber and was trying to figure out the perfect sitting,” said Korey handing Jason the ring. “I bought Joey an engagement ring also. Amber is doing the set-up and I am going to give it to her tonight,” said Jason with a smile on his face. “You are taking Joey with you to Oklahoma. Congrats, man,” said Korey. “Amber didn’t tell you,” said Jason. “Tell me what?” asked Korey with a confused look on his face. “I am staying in Piney Point,” said Jason. “That’s great man,” said Korey with excitement. “I think the perfect time to give Amber the ring is tonight,” said Jason. “That’s a great idea,” said Korey. “I will call you later,” said Jason.


Amber Foster was stretched out across the bed looking at a wedding magazine. “Joey, would look, so beautiful in this dress,” thought Amber as she looked at the picture. She heard someone coming and quickly hid the magazine under the bed. Her step sister Josephine Hart walked into the bedroom and sat down beside her. “What are you doing?” asked Josephine. “Oh just watching a little tv,” said Amber. “The tv is not even on,” said Josephine. “Oh, I meant that I was watching tv, but there was nothing on, so I turned it off just as you walked in,” said Amber nervously. “What is going on?” asked Josephine. “What do you mean?” asked Amber. “Everytime you are involved in something and fixing to get caught you get all nerved up and start telling lies,” said Josephine. “Oh, I just have a lot on my mind,” said Amber. “That is perfectly understandable,” said Josephine putting her arm around Amber. “It is?” asked Amber nervously. “Of course, you just graduated high school, trying to figure out where you want to college, what you are going to major in, and then you found out you were going to be a sister to twin brothers,” said Josephine. Amber didn’t say a word. “I am going to leave you alone and let you think,” said Josephine getting off the bed. “You know what would help me think,” said Amber putting a smile on her face. “What's that?” asked Josephine. “Going with my big sister to Art Hipkie’s, eating a hamburger, and then playing,” said Amber pausing. “Super Smash Brothers,” said Amber and Josephine together. “Let me go get dressed,” said Josephine. “That was too close,” thought Amber to herself as Josephine left the room.


Amber and Josephine got out of the car at Piney Point High site of the Class of 68 Class Reunion. “Shoot,” said Amber. “What’s wrong?” asked Josephine with a concern look on her face. “I forgot my guitar picks,” said Amber. “You have got to be freaking kidding,” said Josephine. Amber handed Josephine her guitar case. “I will be right back,” said Amber getting into the car.


Josephine was sitting on the stage. Unaware that Amber and Jason were behind the red curtains. “Where in the world is Amber?” asked Josephine looking at her watch and noticing guests standing outside of the room visiting.


“Are you ready?” whispered Amber to Jason. He nodded his head that he was ready.


Josephine started sending Amber a text message and did not see her come from behind the curtain. Amber bent over and kissed Josephine on the cheek. “What the freak” exclaimed Josephine. She turned around and only saw Jason as Amber had disappeared behind the curtain. “Jason! What are you doing here” exclaimed Josephine. Jason sat down beside her. “Somethings came up and I am going to be staying in Piney Point,” said Jason. “I have had a chance to think about our relationship and where we go from here,” continued Jason. Tears started rolling down Josephine’s face as she expected Jason to tell her that their relationship was over. Jason took a black box out of his pocket and opened it. “Josephine Christina Hart will you marry me?” asked Jason showing her the engagement ring. Josephine sat there a few seconds in shock as the proposal caught her off guard. “Yes,” said Josephine with tears rolling down her cheek.  Guests of the Class of 68 Class Reunion started clapping as Jason and Josephine kissed.


Amber walked out onto the stage with her guitar, “Is everyone ready for some entertainment?” asked Amber as she started playing the guitar and singing off key. Josephine noticed the guest had a disgusted look on their face. She stood up, took the microphone away from Amber, and started singing. The guest began clapping and dancing.


Korey walked up as Amber had her back turned putting her guitar in the trunk of car. “Hi babe,’ said Korey. Amber was not paying attention to her surroundings. In a panic she raised up and quickly turned around to see who was talking to her. “Korey! Oh my gosh! You scared the freaking crap out of me” exclaimed Amber. “Sorry babe, Didn’t intend to scare you. I just wanted to give you a gift I bought for you,” said Korey handing her a box of candy. Amber had a puzzled look on her face noticing the box had been opened. “I went ahead and opened it for you, so you would not break a nail,” said Korey. “That was so sweet,” said Amber taking the top off of the box. “Oh my gosh,” exclaimed Amber. Korey took the engagement ring out of the box. He put one knee on the ground. “Amber Foster, would you marry me?” asked Korey.  “Yes,” said Amber with tears of joy running down her face.


“It was an interesting evening” said Josephine to Amber as they were heading home. “Yes, it was. I can’t believe you were able to pull off being able to set up the queen of setting things up” said Amber with a smile on her face. “What are you talking about?” asked Josephine. “You know Korey proposing to me,” said Amber. “I didn’t set it up,” said Josephine. “Come on Joey Hart, don’t lie to me,” said Amber. “I am not,” said josephine. Amber looked at Josephine’s facial expression and assumed she was telling the truth.


Oh, by the way. I need to tell you something about your singing tonight” said Josephine trying to break a few minutes of silence. “What is it?” asked Amber with excitement. “It was very beautiful, don’t ever do it again,” said Josephine with a smile on her face. “Joey Hart” exclaimed Amber with a disgusted look on her face.


Amber turned off the main highway. “Where are we going?” asked Josephine. “The night is still young, so I thought we would party some more. Unless you are an old geezer and need to be in bed by 9 o’clock,” said Amber putting a smile on her face. “Amber Foster,” exclaimed Josephine as both girls started laughing.


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