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This is my first English poem.

Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



How could scars be deeper than the ocean?


Proof of one’s youth shall fade one day.

A youth that one does not wish to remember.

A truth that other has to accept in order to survive.

You better not lose yourself in the depth of scars of the past, for they can drown you to death.


A saying that was a piece of cake.

A saying one used to take for granted.

One becomes enlightened everyday.


For no days could be same as another.

Scars could be faster than the cars.


One could get on the cars , but not on scars

One has to tame scars of the past.

Scars could be rocking you .

Scars do lock you in the dark called PAST.


One day, when one is mature enough.

One day, when one is smart enough.

Scars shall not lock you .


\It shall take time for  the scars to heal

Scars might grow to wound.

But You will be Stronger.

You will be  wiser.

You will be smarter.

Most of all

You will be bigger so the scars wouldn’t wound you .  


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