Mum's Choice.

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Our mum came home with her new boyfriend but we weren't immediately taken in.

Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Our mum had gone away for a week's educational training. her boyfriend was left in charge of us, Rita, and me Sonny. Mum tried her hardest to get us to like her boyfriend, but she failed miserably. For a start, we just didn't take to him. He smoked too much, and he couldn't cook. The first day she was away, we accompanied him to the Supermarket. He came out with a trolley load of bread. He absolutely gave us a shock then. Nothing else but bread. We wondered what dish he was planning. Back at home, it is lunchtime. He got the bread toaster out, and set bread in it. There was butter on the table, nothing else. I said, ''You gotta be joking mate, we're kids, and we need proper meals. Didn't your parents teach you how to cook?''
''No. Why? Don't you like what I'm doing?''
Rita said, ''Toasted bread is for breakfast. For how long are you going to do this?''
''Every day, morning, lunch and dinner.''
I said, ''Why don't you tell us you're joking, just having us on?''
''This is real. That's what you're going to get every day.''
''Give me the the mobile, let me call the police,'' Rita said. ''This is a criminal offence. Feeding kids only bread every day.''

''Listen kids,'' he told them straight. ''This is no criminal offence. You're getting something to eat, aren't you?''
Rita said, ''I hope I don't end up with one like you. What was mum thinking thinking about?''
''At least your not a child beater,'' I told him. ''That would have been terrible.''
Our mum's boyfriend grinned. ''Who wants to be first?''
Rita said. ''First? What do you mean. You're not serious are you?''
''I find you two kids ungrateful. Here I am feeding you food that other children cannot get, and you're giving me a lot of lip.''
''Are you in your right mind? I said, '' Our mum would have been cooking a decent meal. Shame on you!''
Rita said, ''Tell you what I'll do. I will cook dinner, and you'll see what we mean by a proper meal. Would you let me do that?''
''Okay,'' he said, ''do that and let me see how good you are.''
''She's pretty good,'' I told him. She's been watching mum, and I have to say she's not bad.''
''I was thinking,'' our mum's boyfriend said, ''it wasn't a bad idea to have toast for a couple of days. It saves money, and you won't die of starvation.''
I said, ''This family is a proper 'meal family' every day.''
Rita said, ''Who in their right mind, in this modern day and age would want to eat toast every day, and starve themselves. Have you got brothers and sisters?''
''No brothers, no sisters. I'm the only one.''
''That explain...'' Rita stopped me from carrying on. I think she knew what I was going to say.
''How much do you like our mum?'' Rita asked.
''Your mother is a nice woman. She would have accepted what I suggested.'' He told us.
''That's our mum,'' I said. ''We're modern kids, and we think modern. We don't mind saving money, but not starving ourselves.''
Rita asked him, ''What do you fancy eating for dinner? I'll make a list and get the stuff.''
"'A nice steak would do me fine with all the trimmings, you know what I mean.
''Yes, I do.'' Rita answered.

Our mum came back from her week away, and heard all that had taken place. She congratulated Rita on her cooking. Later on, we became friendlier with our  mum's boyfriend.

The End.

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