The False truth

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We are all guilty of this act, on daily basis we improve on it and add accompaniments to make it easier to believe unfortunately by doing so we distance those that actually care about us.

Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



We are humans and so we keep erring, afraid to accept the consequences of our mistakes we choose deceit; a temporary way to escape unfortunately the truth just as a way of moonwalking till it gets to the affected person.

Most times we are blinded by our feelings which makes us to stoop so low insulting our personalities as we lie calling it a necessary evil that is meant to prevent the worst outcome of a particular situation

When we lie our mistakes, flaws and our weaknesses are swept under a carpet but a day will come when the truth will be exposed leaving us nothing but speechless

Most of the time our conscience gets pricked by the lies will tell while some of us feel ourselves thinking we are smart until the d-day comes and then the effect of the lie waltz back to our lives

Some lies harbour the greatest disasters that has happened or is bound to happen, we all have our roles to play in life but some of us blame it on fate that it was already engraved in their destinies

These days when we lie we don't even blink nothing touches us or affects us for some of us it's a reflex we might not want to do it but nevertheless we end up doing it with no particular reason

Some of us decides to swear and hold unnecessary oaths but what they have forgotten is that a lie can never stay hidden forever and if we still keep mute or try to deny a lie with another lie what will befall on us only our saviour can help us

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