You are beautiful

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Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



You are beautiful

Truly you are

Both inside and out

I've been happy to know you who really are


It's so easy in life

To take things for granted

To feel as if the times of today

Good or bad

Will keep on repeating themselves

Over and over again


But just as I'd rather not

Believe that my suffering will never end

The kinds of people I must never undervalue

Are those with a heart as good as yours


When I find an inspiration,

It doesn't need to be God, or a saint

There's only so much unattainable idols

Can do to sustain my faith

To live another day


No, what I need are people who care

Family, friends, even if they scorn me

Because they're concerned, and they care


But despite already being fortunate enough to have them

I went on to meet you

Even if I may just keep reaching out from afar

I don't want you to ever disregard the good within you


It takes a good heart

To care for those you don't see everyday


It takes a good heart

To be there for others,

Even if they won't give you your next paycheck


It takes a good heart

To not harden yourself

And assume ulterior agendas

When strangers reach out to you


And a good heart is far too easy to take for granted

To assume it's a given, something a person should just do

But I know the truth is something else

I know that too often, love is conditional

Hate is swift

And there are many who just don't care


Even if your heart is imperfect and impure

The goodness within you is precious,

And not something I'd want to go to waste

And so I won't belittle it, not now, not ever


So I tell you this because it's what I believe

You are beautiful, you are good

And you deserve to be celebrated

Because your beauty is precious


I don't care if you feel unexceptional

If you feel you're just doing

What anyone else would have done

Since when did we value the rare and exceptional so much

That we lost sight of how much

The small acts of everyday kindness mattered?


And let's face it, you still are a cut above

How many would give their love to a stranger like me?

A love that I have no innate right to, that I'm not entitled to

And yet you gave it anyway

Not just once, but many time again,

Because your heart is good


And so I affirm you and celebrate you

And I tell you you are beautiful

Because a good heart is precious

And woe be to the fool who fails to see

The kindness given by others,

Who loved just because they could


My heart too is impure and wicked

Too often have I failed to appreciate how much

Others have done for me

But with you, I want to keep doing my best


Because I know how fragile our bond is

And all you've done for me despite that

Maybe it's the distance between us

That allows me to appreciate how wonderful your love is

Even as I struggle to be grateful for the love of those closest to me


But that's alright, I'm not perfect

Nor do I ever want you to be

Like I said, there is only so much

That can be gained from puritan fantasies of saints


You're human, imperfect, and flawed

You and I won't always agree

But none of that matters, because I know your heart is good

Because you have cared about me


And that deserves to be commended and celebrated

Because it's too easy to underestimate how precious it can be

So without a doubt in my mind, I firmly believe

That you are, well and truly, beautiful

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