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Were encouraged to face our fear and move on. But, what if the fears we face causes our death, maybe then running away was the best option. Some fears shouldn't be dealt with unless you put your
life at sake.

Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



I'm afraid that one day I will drown
I stared into the water and wonder why
I'm a grown woman but the ocean is my biggest enemy 
This is silly and foolish, so I convinced myself to go in 
I took small steps, a step at a time--right foot left foot I mumbled to myself 
The cold water touches my feet and chills run down my back and blurry flashbacks appear
I finally entered the water and blackout 
I woke up and saw a crowd of people and lifeguards in the ocean
I stood up to see the commotion and saw my body getting dragged out 
I heard people whispering that a young lady was pulled by the waves unable to swim back to shore
I stared at my body and ask myself, what have I achieved from going in? What was the use of getting over my fear?  Wasn't this supposed to be a happy ending?
I sat down and watched the waves, and only resentment was shown, I cursed the ocean...
This nightmare still haunts me and I try to forget this incident by wiping my memory clean.
It works. But, that fateful incident repeats its self again. I keep forgetting that I'm dead and the incident occurred and the ocean can't harm me anymore since I'm no longer among the living.
Now I'm afraid of myself and afraid that I won't ever move on.
These blurry flashbacks are memories I cursed away. 


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