Kneel For Me

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Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Kneel for me when my voice is weak

I’m short of breath when I can no longer speak

Kneel for me as I’m being brutality slammed to the ground

When no cell phone cameras are visibly around

Kneel for me when the boys in blue are choke holding me while taking me down

Handcuffed for a traffic stop, now bruised, placed in a police cruiser and taken downtown

Kneel for me when they bust down my door

My wife and kids looking on, as I’m being slammed without probable cause to the floor

Wrong man, wrong house, justifiable by law, a rotten system to the core

Kneel for all the male lives taken away

One man blackballed on his knees he fought each Sunday as he stayed

A fascist president will never come to understand

The National Anthem, yes was written for woman and for man

My hand, I place with pride across my chest

Does the words represent everyone at best

Kneel for me, not to be condoned out of disrespect

The core values of a man’s disavowal adopted and then put into effect

Difference of laws, may somehow allow and let

Yet, a foot placed on my back, crushing my Moorish neck

Kneeling for peace to be treated as one

Too many innocent lives lost, somehow the battle must continue on

Until all men kingdom shall come

Can’t get justice when you stand

When you kneel, you are considered the unpatriotic man, across America great lands

No justice to this day, and still no peace

Kneeling once again on a bended knee

I rise when justice of man benefits us all

No colors, no nationality’s face meets the ground when he falls

Kneel for me, kneel for my child

Let this moment in time define men alliance worthwhile

Boy grows into a man, hopefully the times will have given him an inch

Justice embracing his civil rights as a man given in effort to enrich


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