sister bloodshed

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a short description on a sister watching her sister die after being attacked by a vampire

Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018



Her body fell limply, hitting the concrete with a thud. Upon impact, her arm had hit the ground first, bending at a painful angle. It had broken under her weight. Blood slowly formed a pool around her shoulders, soaking into her auburn hair and white shirt.

A snarl left the throat of the man standing menacingly above her. No. Not man.


My eyes trailed up his attire and to his almost snow-white face. Blood dribbled from his lips down his pale chin. His dark red irises glanced over my sisters still form as he flicked a piece of white blonde hair from his left eye. With a smirk, he turned and disappeared into the night.

Distraught and afraid, I stumbled from my hiding place behind two stacks of crates. I fell to my knees heavily beside my sister’s body and sobbed hoarsely. My hand shook as I reached out to touch her arm. Her skin was still warm against my cold fingers. I placed my other hand on her and pushed, rolling her over to lay her on her back. Her head rolled, and her fearful expression stared blankly toward me, causing my eyes to fill with tears as I stared at her beautiful face.

I swallowed the lump in my throat as I traced my fingers down her cheek. Unlike the rest of her body, her face had already become cold and pale. Her blue eyes, once filled with joy and life, now stared at me, glazed over with fear, never to be filled with happiness or light again.  Unable to look at them any longer, I gently brought my hand over her forehead and eyes, closing her eyelids. Taking a deep breath I looked up at the roof as I attempted to remove the image from my head.

Glancing down at her again, my eyes travelled down to the wound in the side of her neck. It was approximately half the size of my palm, the large portion of flesh missing. Splatters of blood ran along her chin while the rest was rivers, running down her skin to add to the pool beneath her. I choked out small sobs as I laid to rest my head on her chest, over where her heart used to beat. Where it no longer beat.

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