Past Transgressions II

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Submitted: May 27, 2018

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Submitted: May 27, 2018




Feelings, ooh this word has always been my number one nemeses. It took me a while as a young woman into adulthood to really appreciate what this eight letter word actually means and what the concept really adheres to when you lend them to another

Writing this very personal poem, I do not even know where to begin

Usually at the beginning works for some than the end

I’ve given you Density, Karma, Fate

I have to reinstate those words for you to understand the flashbacks in my mind I have to painfully recreate


Seventeen Years Ago

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

A charismatic man meets a young naïve woman, emotions instantly skyrocket

Feelings reciprocated

You know for sure you got this man’s love in your pocket

Magnetic blue eyes, a smile, an intoxicating smell

The time spent together never turned into wedding bells

Days turned into months, months into years

Now drowning eyes in your own pool of tears

Wiser Stronger

As the years have gotten longer

The past knocking hard at the door once again

The beginning downfall of my emotional sins

Could I expect another passionate takedown

Should I be weary you are still the man around town

Would I allow the flow of cash to have me acting like a clown  

Should I answer or don’t make a sound

You’ve twisted me the first time around

Losing mental ground

Breathless and spellbound

Masterful sex pound for pound

Then leaving my mangled heart in the lost and found

Ladies what would you do

Play the victor or play the fool

Such an easy answer if you have never walked the miles

Living the sexual dominance lifestyle under a plastered fake smile

Whips and chains to comply

Ménage à trois behind wealthy black ties

Several credit cards to nightly verify

Feeling good from the inside out

If you could only hear the surrendering moans of BDSM shouts

Screams of bodily delight

From the teething signature of a costly bite

I gave I gave and I gave

Physically Emotionally Mentally enslaved

Atoning for lust done strictly under the covers

Bed and Breakfast flexible lovers

You want to come back and what, rediscover

Different crayon wrapping yet still the same color

No more fans from winter through the months of summer

Been there done that

Positioned flat on my back

No more aristocratic tomcats tasting a sweet pussycat

Blinded by the easy money

Without ever being a Hustler or a Playboy Bunny

Philadelphia to New York to the Southampton

Standing ovation watching the Opera performance of the Phantom

Roaming fingers with nowhere to go

Paid knee service taking it low

Licking it slow

Gown raised foreplay in the hidden dark

Handsome male releasing his pearly trademark

Let’s hear it for the women who have moved on

Not even missing the days of long gone

Now you’re singing you’re own soothing song

A movie to write about…. Hum…maybe

If I don’t have to play the bedded leading lady

Feelings Feelings just go away

I can’t come out to play today

I’ve traveled the distance I’ve come such a long way

And I have no umbrella if I allow you to stay


Poem taken from The Flow of My Heart To You III


© Copyright 2018 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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